Ye Quizze Questionne for Aprille

What is a synodic cycle?

  1. It is the latest craze in physical exercise. Instead of using two walking sticks as in nordic walking you use a specially constructed bicycle, the synodic cycle. The difference with a normal bicycle, other than the price (starting at €500,- for the basic model) is its construction. The synodic cycle has a combined prograde and retrograde motion that exercises every muscle in the body while riding it. It has different settings for a quick or slow synodic cycling tour.
  2. A synodic cycle has nothing to do with astrology or astronomy. It is the cycle of meetings by bishops of various Christian denominations, not always at the same time. The word synod is from the Greek and means ‘meeting’ or ‘conjunction’
  3. A synodic cycle is different for the outer and the inner planets. For the inner planets the only form of synod possible is the conjunction. For the outer planets the synod has both the conjunction but also the opposition. The synodic cycle shows when one of the inner planets is a morning or evening star.
  4. The synodic cycle is always with reference to the Sun. It is the cycle of conjunctions and oppositions (if an outer planet) to the Sun. It also contains the cycle of first and last visibility at sunrise or sunset. For ancient astrologers this first visibility was of great significance.
  5. A synodic cycle is the cycle of waking and sleeping, when you either nod off or nod on. It is closely related to the synapse, which is a refreshing sleep inbetween.

11 thoughts on “Ye Quizze Questionne for Aprille

  1. difficult….
    synod means stay together, so it cannot be an opposition of planets in my opinion, it can be just a synonym for conjunction.
    Or I’m wrong?

  2. Ah, this term (should be spelled “Cydonic Cycles”) is used mainly by UFOlogists:

    Cydonic Cycles are those well known (yet totally denied by NASA high officials) crop circle patterns which can be seen on Cydonia, a region of Mars, next to the huge “Face of Mars” and “pyramids”.

    Space Rock Fans, on the other hand, use this term, “Cydonic cycles”, when they refer to the belt of asteroids orbiting the Sun (aka 1106 Cydonia).

  3. LOL! I just Lurve number 5 the Synapse Thomas :0))

    But I think Gjiada is right and that you can only have a conjunction and not an opposition!

    Because a synodic cycle is the period of time that elapses between two successive conjunctions of a celestial body with the Sun as seen from Earth. The synodic period differing from the sidereal period because the Earth is itself revolving around the Sun and therefore the point of reference is constantly changing :0)

    But I prefer the nodding on and nodding off and especially the post lunchtime snooze, the Synapse!


  4. Hello Margherita,

    I like to slip in something implausible along with the plausible just to keep ye quizze interesting! So you may have noticed just that. 😉 You can still tell me which of the answers are correct or partly correct.

    best regards,

  5. Hello Naggie,

    I thought cydonic sycles have something to do with the high decibel nature of space-rock, particularly when it enters the earth’s atmosphere.

    best regards,

    PS Could you make any sense of the Ummim/Thummim post that I wrote especially for you?

  6. Hello Caroline,

    Of course you lurves it! Singing synoddy-noddy, synapse hey.

    The patent for the synodic cycle has yet to be approved. But there is hope, I think the patent office is taking too many synapses over it. 🙂


  7. Thomas: “I like to slip in something implausible along with the plausible”

    Well, this is the reason I like so much your riddles 🙂

  8. oops, while writing the last comment I saw the post about Mars-Saturn opposition in Koror.
    Well, maybe it did not work for Koror but surely it works for us in Italy.
    It was a VERY good forecast, I see.


  9. Planetary Synodic Cycles are cycles that occur between one planet and another. Synod means “meeting place”. The most well known synodic cycle is the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction cycle… i.e. the “Great Conjunctions”, but you can actually talk about synodic cycles between any two planets.

  10. Hello Margherita,

    I am happy to hear from you. Which means you are safe!

    It seems that the Mars/Saturn opposition does indeed have some seismic influence. Of course it is difficult to find all of the focii. It would be a full time job to look at all of the charts for the many seismically active regions. The time is still critical for other regions as it has, I think, the opposition has a certain ‘half-life’. The question is how long.

    Seismologists say it is almost impossible to predict an earthquake, I certainly think it worth looking into. It is however time consuming.

    best regards,

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