Dr. Nostuabuk: A Visit from Dr. Klughase

Dr. Klughase, the great researcher visited me last Mercury Ingress. He brought his latest volume containing the charts of all the kings of Sumer from Nebunoddy to Nebunotaboutto. In his forceful manner he proclaimed that he now had conclusive evidence that the wholesome house system combined with the Alcohabitus system delivers the most accurate results to date. The controversy about reversing the formulae for the Lots, selecting the correct nodal pairs and using relocation for solar returns is now resolved once and for all.

My research has shown it to be so, let everyone else use what works for them. (Dr. Klughase)

The wholesome houses originated in Sumer, they can be seen in clay tablets discovered by Dr. von Schlitzohr in the 1830’s while digging there (see tab. XVI.789.ice). There are only two houses. Enkidu and Gilgam. Any planet below the horizon is in the Enkidu house. Any planet above the horizon is in the Gilgam house. Planets are either in sect or not. All planets in Enkidu are in the same house and are conjunct one another. They are in opposition to any planet in Gilgam. The same is true for planets in Gilgam, they are in conjunction and in opposition to planets in Enkidu. Diurnal planets in Enkidu are debilitated, just as nocturnal planets in Gilgam. Diurnal planets in Gilgam and nocturnal in Enkidu are in dignity.

All 360 charts of the royal line of Sumer shows how exact the system is. They all, without exception, show the royal configuration of Sun in Gilgam in opposition to the Moon in Enkidu. No other system shows this. Yes Placidus fans, prepare to convert to wholesome houses!

The Lot controversy is solved as the simple mathematics of the system for the first time become clear. All planets in Enkidu are ‘-‘, all planets in Gilgam are ‘+’. So the following combinations are possible:

  • + and +
  • + and –
  • – and –

The first and last combination are + and so when added to the horizon, which always begins with 0 degrees of the Ascendant, are in Gilgam. Only the second combination which is a null, when added to the Ascendant, places the Lot in Enkidu.

The pristine character of solar returns now is revealed. Relocation is only allowed when the native moves from one hemisphere to the next. A simple rule whose overwhelming logic cannot be ignored.

As for which nodal pair to choose there is only one rule. The true-mean node is the best. Only when the pair falls exactly on the horizon must the mean-true node be chosen.

The addition of Alcohabitus houses is very potent, it adds a level of precision, to the millisecond when used in primary directions, that leaves the true researcher breathless. The Alcohabitus houses add the missing vertical axis – clever Arabian astrologers. The two sectional houses are known as al.mubbtouch (on the right) and al.hailitouch (on the left). So when a planet is Gilgam and al-mubbtouch, as in the chart of Nebbunoddy the XXiV, then the native is esteemed in the world, and if it is al.hailittouch and Enkidu, then his deeds will not be understood. (Nebunotaboutto CL’s chart).

Volume 20 of Dr. Klughase’s series is now available at selected astrology bookstores. Buy it and see for yourself what you have long searched for and missed.

15 thoughts on “Dr. Nostuabuk: A Visit from Dr. Klughase

  1. I believe it is written in German, as every book one should read, true?

    I don’t understand why Thomas should have this advantage
    Life is unfair, we have Pulcinella and Thomas Sumerian literature. 😦

  2. Thank you Dr. Nostrabug for making me understand I was being misunderstood for having a royal chart.

    until the Mercury Rx. Sumer Equiknocks,
    Princess Nag the CMXXXVi.

  3. My Very Dear Hieronymous, (or may I call you Heirie?)

    Keen as I am on regularity I wholeheartedly agree with Dr. Klughase in his recommendation of the Wholesome House Domification System, especially for those presently on the 12 Step Alcohabitus Rehabilitation Programme. The Wholesome House with its emphasis on wholegrain planets and lack of Neptunian noxious substances has been found to be the most efficacious domification in the elimination of all extraneous house cusps.

    One thing bothered me initially however: if all the planets are separated by sect into two semi-detached houses, the diurnal and nocturnal hemispheres, how do we reproduce new birth charts? How do those masculine diurnal planets in Gilam sow their wild but nutritious whole grain oats into those receptive little fertile nocturnal planets down under in Enkidu?

    Perhaps you have solved this by issuing immigration visa’s for Solar Returning planets who wish to relocate and reverse hemispheres? In which case may I suggest stipulating that all relocated planetary glyphs in Solar Returns be turned upside down?

    I note Dr. Klughase’s recommendation of the Mean-True Node as opposed to the True-Mean Node, but fail to see how the controversy over the Lots has been clarified. Does Dr. Klughase reverse according to sect or does he not? Or has Dr. Klughase himself been sectioned ?

    Such a shame about dear Nebunotaboutto’s misunderstood deeds. Too much moist phlegm I fear; perhaps they can dry him out at the Neptunabettiford Alcohabitus Rehabilitation Units located in the Dodecatemoria?

    Skittishly Gratuitous,
    Detrimentia (Dame C.E.)

  4. Dear Margherita,

    Unfortunately it is so. I believe vol. 1 has been translated into classical Greek. But don’t worry, buy the book, the charts show it all, and they are worth the investment.

    yours in translation,
    Hieronymous Nostuabuk

  5. Most excellent Nag the CMXXXVi,

    From which branch of the royal Sumerian line are you descended, the al.hailitouch or the al-mubbtouch?

    NebbuNostuabuk the Wise

  6. Most Illustrious Dame Detrimentia, Pearl of Gilgam and Enkidu,

    One thing bothered me initially however: if all the planets are separated by sect into two semi-detached houses, the diurnal and nocturnal hemispheres, how do we reproduce new birth charts? How do those masculine diurnal planets in Gilam sow their wild but nutritious whole grain oats into those receptive little fertile nocturnal planets down under in Enkidu?

    The Alcohabitus houses, provide a potent cohabitational method to reproduce new charts.

    Your most valuable recommendation has been forwarded to The Relocational Authority for the Return of Solar Fidelity and Hemispherical Chart Control, RARSFHCC, as they are currently working on a revision of the rules now that Dr. Klughase has provided the definative proof for hemisphere-hopping returns.

    Dr. Klughase’s research has shown that with the Wholesome house system each planet is always in sect when it is not not in sect. We must bow before such eminent research skills. Dr. Klughase is indeed being resectioned. Due to his ground-breaking work he has been given the newly created chair for Wholesome Houses, along with the Whole.wheat bowl, at the world renowned Univerisity of Rabbitford in Rabbitfordshire. As he is a ‘Hase’ and not an ‘Ochs’, Oxford was considered beneath his dignity. He is even now hopping with eagerness to take up his new duties.

    Yes al.hailitouch and Enkidu planets do have it in them.

    basking in your Magnificence,

  7. >“Dr. Klughase’s research has shown that with the Wholesome house system each planet is always in sect when it is not not in sect”.

    And I presume he got a munificent ‘grant’ to prove his hypothesis?

    ROFL Thomas! This ‘nonsensical astrology’ sure sharpens up my funny bones! Lovely stuff! Keep it coming please 🙂


  8. Oh wise NebbuNostuabuk,

    It is a widely known fact, already documented in “Epic of Gilganag”, that my royal birth was the much desired, awaited and planned result of a marriage arrangement between the al.hailitouch and the al-mubbtouch dynasties, in order to unite them briefly and create the truely-mean alliance of Nagash.
    Because my nasal chart was pre-designed by the best Sumeritan Electional astrologers of the bronze ages, I have all celestial bodies in the most dominant hemisphere.

    BTW, The script for the most imminenet film “2012” was actually inspired by the Gilganag flood myth, that I’ve added as Tablet Xi to the ten original tablets of the Gilganag Epic, as an adaptation of the Epic of Atlantic, part of my homework.

    Princess Nag.

  9. Forgot to mention, in our sect we only use Wholesale houses, as the Wholesome system is much too expensive these days, in SubPrime verticals.

  10. Well, well, well, finally a true course in the dialectic of astrology !! The Enkidu as ‘-’, all planets in Gilgam ‘+’ shows a great deal of integrated thought.

    As something ‘ is’, then it can be expressed as positive. As such, then positive somethings can be expressed as to what is not positive about what ‘is,’ then it becomes what ‘is not.’

    To finalize, we see that when something is not ‘is,’ but ‘is not,’ we can grasp the idea that the Enkidu and Gilgam is another way of expressing the entire system as ‘Whole-hog’ rather than Wholesome or Wholesale houses.

    The Whole-Hog House system simply asks, why not all and everything? To be selective is profiling and we all know that profiling is a process for namburbi rituals.

    A historic moment indeed,
    Sir Arthyr

  11. Hello Caroline,
    Oh yes, the grant was most munificent! From what Dr. Nostuabuk tells me, Dr. Klughase has been selected as the next recipient of the distinguished “Incredulous Award” (Named after the royal star, Incredulous – this is the original Sumerian name )

  12. Most excellent Nag the CMXXXVi,

    My commiserations, I heard that your step-uncle of the al-hailitouch branch lost his touch on the markets and that is why your allowance has been so drastically cut. But if you must use wholesale houses be sure to have a namburbi priest profile them for you. You may yet be able to exchange them.

    I remember the Gilganag flood quite well. A whole covey of antiscions flew by and transported me to a dry profection just above the water level.

    Yes, I have heard that the Sumeritan Electional astrologers do the best nasal charts. But be careful not to use their quincunx anti-wrinkle creme. It is said to refrenate after only one planetary hour.

    NebbuNostuabuk the Wise

  13. Inestimable Arthyr,

    The supply of Whole hog houses, due to sudden demand, is no longer available. Might you know of a competant purveyor of premium Whole Hog houses? Her Illustriousness, Dame Detrimentia, has expressed an interest in them. She has been redecorating one of her remote rural residences and thought that Whole Hog houses might have just the right touch of rusticallity.

    With esteame,
    H. Nostuabuk

  14. Hello BogdanKr,

    Why they went for the whole hog of course: ecliptic, horizon the little understood ‘”luk- atme- klos”. A finger’s width is a very useful measure. Although some prefer thumbs-full.


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