Krakatoa 1883: A World Event Examined (2)

We can trace the Krakatoa event in all the succeeding mundane charts. The lunar eclipse of 25 Nov. 1882 was in square to the Grand Conjunction chart MC/IC Axis, but at the Aries Ingress more critical indications are given:

49 PM, 105e25, 6s06

Aries Ingress, 20th March 1883, 10:49 PM GMT, 105e25, 6s06

You will note that the MC/IC axis of the Small Conjunction is reversed. This reversal of the MC/IC axis is also found again in the Full Moon immediately preceding the event. The Mars/Mercury conjunction of this chart is also in conjunction to the IC of the Grand Conjunction chart. Both charts are activated. In the Ingress chart Jupiter is also applying to conjunction with the IC. The Lord of the 4th house, Mercury is in conjunction with Mars in the 12th house.

The solar eclipse of May 6, 1883 (chart not shown) has Mercury at 5 Gemini, the Small Conjunction position of Mars/Saturn and in square to the Grand Conjunction IC. In this chart we once again have the MC/IC at the midpoint between Mercury and Uranus. The Cancer Ingress (chart not shown) repeats the MC/IC axis of the eclipse, but here Saturn and Venus conjunct the Small Conjunction postion of Mars/Saturn (again). Saturn has returned to this position after a long sojourn in Taurus where he was retrograde. He reinforces the motif of the Small Conjunction, the big bang that we spoke of.

53 pm GMT,

Full Moon, 18th August, 1883 12:53 pm GMT,105e25, 6s06

Here there is the reversal of the MC/IC axis as noted but what is really critical is that Mars is now just inside of the IC. If you also note that the antiscion of Mars at the Full Moon is at 3 Cancer 36, then you can understand the triggering effect of the Moon at the time of the event, where the Moon has separated from conjunction with Mars at 2 Cancer and applies immediately to conjunction with the Mars antiscion of the Full Moon.

02 pm LMT, 105e25. 6s06

Event, 27 Aug. 1883, 10:02 pm LMT, 105e25. 6s06

Of significance is that in this chart the MC/IC axis is the midpoint of two sets of planets. First between Saturn and Mercury. Mercury is conjunct the Ascendant of the Small Conjunction and is therefore exactly square the Small Conjunction MC/IC axis. Again a focus. Then there is the Mars/Moon conjunction, that we discussed above, in juxtaposition to the Sun, Lord 4 of the event chart.

I think this series of charts demonstrates quite well how an event may be pre-figured in a series of charts. If it is a major event the angles themselves have much to tell. In comments to the first article of this series other aspect configurations have been noted. Please feel free, dear reader, to make any further observations on other planetary configurations. Interesting is that the outer planets are not necessarily needed to understand the event. I have included them in the charts and so relevant observations with respect to the outer planets are also welcome.


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