International Year of Astronomy

Just a note on the side. Today the International Year of Astronomy begins. The opening ceremony takes place in Berlin, Germany.
Here is the link to the official site. Th.

9 thoughts on “International Year of Astronomy

  1. I don´t think I get the importance of the year of the astronomy for us astrologers.

    The only thing that I can see is that we are going to be bashed a lot during this year 😛

  2. Hello Yuzuru,

    As 99% of Astronomers are ‘unscientific’ with regard to investigating Astrology I tend to agree with you, but I suppose anything that brings even ‘half’ our beloved Science/Art of Astronomy/Astrology into the public consciousness is to be welcomed.

    It was hearing the oft quoted Hermetic law of analogy “Quod est superius est sicut quod est inferius” that first sent me looking skywards as a child, and the study of the mechanics of the Universe and the principles governing it is surely imperative in order to understand the effects of those principles as applied to the human condition?

    I am very interested in Astronomy. I just wish however that more Astronomers would develop an interest in Astrology and recognise that there is a correlation between events in the heavens and events upon earth.



  3. @ Caro.

    if you are so interested in astronomy you should attend the same astrological course I’m attending, with my friend of CieloeTerra. They don’t do anything if they cannot use oblique and right ascensions. Despairing…

    Myself, I would always fight to death to use longitudes! 🙂

  4. Hello Yuzuru,
    I don’t think astrologers should neglect astronomy, a basic understanding is essential. An astrologer who doesn’t understand the difference between the celestial equator and the ecliptic is an embarrassment don’t you think? Just because the current cultural climate doesn’t take astrology seriously isn’t an excuse for the astrologer not taking an interest in astronomy. Go to your local book store and look at what is offered in the ‘astrology’ section. Do you really think that anyone with a scientific schooling can take such literature seriously? I for one am also interested in astronomy.
    best regards,

    PS Have you heard? At the end of 2012 the two sister sciences will be united once again… 😉

  5. In the last response, where you answering to me or Marguerita ?
    Anyway none of us is saying that astrologers shouldn´t know basic spherical trigonometry

    You say “go to your local book store and look what is offered in the astrology section”

    One more point to me: if there is more talking about astrology (and it will be during bashing) they will bring modern astrologer to defend astrology, saying things like “quantum mechanics has proved astrology”, etc, etc, etc

  6. Hello Yuzuru,
    I was making a general observation. Unfortunately there is no longer a common language and only those who study the history of astronomy pay any attention to astrology. I don’t think that “astrology-bashing” will be a central issue during the International Year of Astronomy.
    best regards,

  7. In fact nobody is saying that astrologers should not know that earth is a sphere 😉

    But some of techiques are despairing if you have not a proper software.
    Very soon I will give another evidence, if Bezza’s animodar was not enough!

  8. Hello Margherita,
    Every time I calculate primary directions by hand my respect for Morin and Regiomontanus and other authors soars! 🙂 I’m not complaining that software makes the calculations easier but it is easy to see how quickly one may not understand what the computer is doing for you.
    best regards,

  9. I agree with you.
    How people like Regiomontanus or Morin or Placidus calculate directions by hand it is a great mystery for me.

    I did a small spreadsheet, it took me months to put Placidus formulae , and still I’m not sure it’s ok.

    Now I understand why Lilly prefers horary 🙂

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