Ye twelfthe Daye of Christmas: Ye Quizze

Ye twelfthe Daye of Christmas and ye last:

What is decumbiture?

  1. A chart type now defunct. In its heyday it was called ‘cumbiture’ , old English word for ‘combination’. A combination chart.
  2. The word means, confinement to a sick-bed. It is a chart, sometimes with 16 instead of 12 houses, to forecast recovery or death.
  3. A chart cast when a person is first confined to bed with sickness. As this is often difficult to establish, it is the time when the astrologer is brought the urine of the patient. The chart is used to forecast the crises of the illness.
  4. A very rare form of cucumber, now found only in astrological gardens. They ripen only at the time of the Cancer Ingress of the Sun.

Ande Thank youe for youre intereste in ye Quizze! 🙂

12 thoughts on “Ye twelfthe Daye of Christmas: Ye Quizze

  1. Good Morning Thomas,

    I always understood that Decumbiture is the formula used to ascertain the likelihood of a masculine planet getting a feminine planet into conjunction on the first date. Named after the reprobate Decubitus of Priap, this seduction technique literally means ‘lying on her back’.

    The manner Decubitus (Cubby) used to gauge the likelihood of his victims succumbing to his wily parallels was to first make a note of their vital statistics of latitude and longitude in his little black book. Then he performed this sum:

    1. Radius (10,000): Tangent of Ecliptic (23* 27’) :: sine of longitudinal distance from equinox: tangent of Angle A.

    2. Cosine of Angle A: cosine (latitude plus/minus 90* – Angle A) :: cosine of Ecliptic obliquity (23* 27’) sine of the Declination. (In this equation the latitude is taken from 90, if the latitude and longitude are of different denominations; but when of the same denomination they are added, and from this sum, Angle A is subtracted.)

    If this didn’t work, then he tried flowers, champagne and dinner, which invariably did.

    CarO 🙂

  2. Hello Caroline,

    Decumbiture was Decubitis of Priap’s primary direction, hence the similarity of his calculation method with that for event calculation, thank you for pointing this out. Cubby was ever in search of a snug position.


  3. Most revered and beauteous Dame Detrimentia, Incumbant of the Order of the Golden Slice,

    I wonder too. The answere to ye questionne is so obvious. 🙂

    devotedly yours,

  4. Guten Tag Thomas,

    Decumbiture chart deals especially with the patient`s second house. This type of chart enables an astrologer to find out what is the ability of patient to sign the cheque. Astrologer has to be as cool as a cucumber, of course.

    Thank you very much for Ye Quizzes!


  5. Dubro jutro Trojan (I hope this is correct)

    Quite. The good astrologer must always have good composure or as some would say, be in cucumber and come to think of it must ever be aware of getting pickled.

    My pleasure, and thank you for taking such an active part in answereing ye questionnes! 🙂

  6. I know this.
    In English do you say decumbiture ulcers?
    It’s when the poor astrologer is wrong in her/his diagnosis and s/he is obliged to stay at home for shame 😦

  7. Hello Margherita,

    Right. It happens quite often to astrologers who use at least 300 asteroids in their charts. Once in decumbiture they are put on a strict diet, to separate the asterisms from the -oids. And we know how uncomfortable the -oids are! 🙂


  8. Dear Thomas,

    Thank you so much for providing such festive fun for us all this past 12 days! You have had a Herculean task answering all our nonsense with your wise and witty replies, and I for one have really appreciated all the time and effort you have put into making Ye Quizze such an enjoyable way to let off pent-up astrological energy.

    Well done! And here’s to the next one! 🙂


  9. Dear Caroline,

    You are very much welcome! Yes, thinking up 12 questionnes and possible answers which have mercurial fireworks and yet are informative and not frivolous takes time and effort! It was fun, but I couldn’t have done it if I weren’t on holiday. That changes tomorrow, where it is back to the treadmill! 😉 Thank you for your praise. And thank you also for your full-hearted support. Your contributions to ye quizze were also both wise and witty! 🙂 It would have been only half the fun. Repartée can only be done when there are many participants. A monologue would have been extremely tedious! And besides usually when there are many, each can inspire the other to new fleights of fancy.

    The nexte quizze is sure to come. A monthly quizze questionne is certainly on the agenda.


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