Ye Eighthe Daye of Christmas: Ye Quizze

Happy Newe Yeare!


On ye eighthe daye of Christmas,

Cardinal is/are:

  1. Signs that act as a pivot, marking the two equinox and two solstice points.
  2. An astrological card game where the player with the most dignities wins
  3. Ecclesiastical signs that can only be viewed with an episcope, an ancient form of telescope

Fixed signs are:

  1. Cadent or broken signs that have been repaired
  2. Those signs that mark the characteristic seasons or temperaments of the year
  3. The steadfast signs that neither pivot nor change direction

Mutable signs:

  1. Show inconstancy and are subject to constant alteration. They need to be nailed to the chart otherwise they might disappear
  2. Multiple or double signs. They look in two directions. One part towards the fixed and the other towards the cardinal signs
  3. Signs of varying ascension

7 thoughts on “Ye Eighthe Daye of Christmas: Ye Quizze

  1. LOL Thomas! Wonderful stuff, what Fun 🙂

    Alongside the “broken eccliastical signs nailed to a chart” I would suggest:

    Cardinal signs are:
    Signs whose degrees are only counted in cardinal numbers (1,2,3 etc), whereby the other 8 signs all have their degrees counted in ordinal numbers (1st, 2nd, 3rd etc).

    Fixed signs are:
    Those signs that Hellenistic Astrologers who still continue to use ‘Whole Sign Houses’ have prominent in their charts.

    Mutable or Double signs:
    Signs that never drink single measures, but only doubles! These signs (especially Pisces) are also signs of varying ascension, and are more often than not found to be horizontal in paralytic of declination!

  2. Hello Caroline!
    Ah, now that explains why Aries is inconjunct Pisces. Those Aries cardinal numbers can’t find the doubled ordinal degrees of Pisces when they are on the paralytic of declination (although their antiscia have been known to secretly throw partys when they are not being beheld).


  3. Hello Thomas and CarO,

    I look at this as a confirmation of CarO`s statement that God is female.
    The male God could have made an Earth as a globe with only fixed signs for steadfast people.

    Have a nice day,

  4. >The male God could have made an Earth as a globe with only fixed signs for steadfast people.

    True Trojan! There is nothing like a masculine fixed sign to hold steadfast to its views!

    The verb ‘To Standfast’ is conjugated thus:

    I am firm
    You are inflexible
    He/She are intractable bull headed mules.

    We are steadfast
    You lot are obstinate
    They are intransigent, obdurate fools!

    Yours in paralytic declination,
    Detrimentia (Dame. C.E.)

  5. Hi Thomas, Caro, Trojan, and All!

    I am so glad it is the 8th day of Christmas, because I can never get it all done by the 25th! Thank you so much Thomas for making it longer. Now as for the mutables, make mine a double, no a triple!!

    Happy New Years!!!

  6. Hello Dorothy,
    Yes, triple mutables can be arranged. Please apply to Dame Detrimentia and have your PrayPal® number ready! A triple entry may be required. 😉

    A Happy New Year to you too!


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