Ye Seventhe Daye of Christmas: Ye Quizze

On ye seventhe daye of Christmas,

When do a planet and its antiscion share identical positions?

  1. Never
  2. Under the cover of a New Moon
  3. At 0 degrees Capricorn or Cancer
  4. Whenever a planet is parallel to itself

And a Happy New Year!

12 thoughts on “Ye Seventhe Daye of Christmas: Ye Quizze

  1. Guten Morgen Thomas,

    antiscia is no more “anti” if it shares identical position with a planet. So No. 1.

    Thank you very much for “Ye Quizzes”. I admire your good will and your sense of humour.

    I wish you a healthy year 2009.


  2. Guten Morgen Trojan!

    It is my pleasure. And thank you for participating, otherwise “Ye Quizze” would only be a fraction of the fun it is! 🙂

    Praise is always welcome! 😉 And I wish you a comfortable slide into the new year and good health and cheer!


    PS But what about the ‘scion’?

  3. But how is it possible I don’t know almost the 99% of the answers? 😦
    Maybe the answer 3?

    In every case, happy new year

  4. Well Thomas,
    as you ask………….

    I once had an auntie with that name.

    ‘Auntie Scion’, I asked ,’ why are you always so opposed?’

    ‘Well’, she said, ‘my husband, your uncle Scion always asks me that.
    He even suggested that I change my name to Noics!’

    ‘But….’, I cried out, ‘if you do that, you would not be an auntie any more!’

    ‘ Ah’, she said, ‘you are already beginning to learn.’

    And with that little tale of wisdom that gives you a deep insight into my family life let me wish you and all your readers a happy New Year.


  5. Hi Thomas,

    According to the highly knowledgeable Auntie Detrimentia, the borderlines where Sol gets a black eye twice a year, when hitting the Mirror glass ceiling , are the singular points where every planet crosses the line to unite with his own evil twin, for a blink of an eye (unless stationary).

    Science Friction at its best !!!


  6. Hello Naggie!

    Well it is true that the ‘evil’ twin, the contrary one, looks in from the other side!

    Science Friction! LOL But yes, it proves that real astrology is much more interesting than, Star Bores or Star Dregs! 🙂


  7. I am a bit flummoxed Thomas, I think I would vote: Never!

    Because the antiscion of a planet at 0* 00’ 01’’ Cancer or Capricorn would be at 29* 59’ 59’’ Sagittarius and Gemini respectively. And as the two points moved closer together they should theoretically overlap.

    But what was the name of that conundrum about halving the distance between two points and then halving it again, and then halving it again, and continuing to halve the distance into infinity? Because the two points in that never do meet!

    Does anyone know what I am talking about? 😉


  8. Hello Caroline,

    You mean Zeno’s Paradox. The one of the race between Achilles and the Tortoise! For all practical purposes we can say 0.

    This tells us something. The antiscia are solsticial points, so it shouldn’t surprise us that at their point of origin they and the solsticial point are identical.


  9. PS

    They have another interesting property; instead of moving with a planet they move in the opposite direction and only at the two solstices is there a crossing. You can imagine something like a lemniscate (figure-8) movement.

    With that said you know what the answer is!


  10. Yes, Zeno! That’s the chap, I knew you would know Thomas! 🙂

    The lemniscate symbol of infinity looks eerily like the plane of the Nodal Cycle when seen edge on doesn’t it!


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