Ye Sixthe Daye of Christmas: Ye Quizze

On ye sixthe daye of Christmas:

Why does an astrological chart have houses?

  1. Well charts have to have a place to go to don’t they? They have to lead somewhere to fulfil their purpose.
  2. If they didn’t they would either freeze or dehydrate. Wouldn’t be very much use then, would they?
  3. Just as the equinoxes and solstices define the signs of the zodiac, so too are the houses defined by Ascendant and MC. The houses are the sublunary complement to the supralunary towers (another name for the division of the celestial field in Signs). If there were no Spring solstice there would be no signs of the zodiac. If there were no Ascendant there would be no houses.
  4. A chart is defined by its houses. Without houses it isn’t a chart.

16 thoughts on “Ye Sixthe Daye of Christmas: Ye Quizze

  1. >Why does an astrological chart have houses?

    ‘Morning Thomas!

    Because God being a closet Virgo insists on putting everything in the Cosmos into nice neat little compartments! That oft mistranslated sentence of Pythagoros “And God Geometrises ” should in fact read: “And God tidied up!”

    Which again proves the point that God is female!

    Yours in perpetual culmination,

  2. Hi Thomas,

    1. The houses mark the chart’s wheeler’s state.

    2. So astrologers will have a lot to disagree about and choose from: different house systems, house meanings, etc…
    Every chart is ambiguous and has multiple possible interpretations. This way at least one astrologer is eventually proved right.


  3. Hello Thomas,
    astrological chart has houses because we`re so evolved.
    My grandfather`s grandfather was talking about something like astrological caves.

    Wish you a nice day,

  4. Revered Dame Detrimentia,

    And like every good house mistress leaves us children to keep our own rooms clean, and you know what state they are in! Yours is of course an exception from the general rule.

    Yours in admiration,

  5. Hello Naggie,

    You mean of course the inter cyclical dispute? It gets better when the precessional component (of which there are 23 or more) debate of the sidereal schools is thrown in! Any sensible astrologer knows its better to keep out of the unending argument and just use my® house system!

    Yours from Altairean heights,

  6. Hello Trojan,

    What a coincidence Dr. Nostuabuk was telling me just the other day about the Troglodyte School of Astrology deep in the Neanderthal that propagate this most traditional of approaches!

    He was also telling me about another school that considers itself on the forefront of humanity. They use energetic matrices which are the houses of the future! The only problem is that they often find themselves in the cold because the generator needed to project these matrices keeps getting overloaded.

    Also a very nice day! 🙂

  7. Hallo Thomas,

    I am slightly confused.
    Are we talking Real Estate (mundane houses) or Unreal Estate (celestial houses) here?

    And why is it snowing all over my comment?
    No wonder the poor houses freeze to death.

    with cold fingers…

    • Hallo Peter,

      According to the weather report for the blogsphere it will snow until the 4th of January! I just put an extra log on the fire to keep the comments warm.

      3. is about both Estates!

      Thank you for warming up ye quizze!


  8. PS

    Can’t go into detail now, that will have to wait until next year, but there is an interesting correspondence with that central organ of our individual ‘houses’, the heart. It has four chambers, the defining angles divide a chart initially in four, (and here most house systems agree) and the solstice and equinoctial points define the tropical zodiac.


  9. The witty Witte, ever timely Ebertine and their Uranian/Cosmobiologist followers don’t need houses , as they fold their charts and strech and cut them in half-sums, times and again, to create multi-harmonic, highly complex, most advanced music outdoors!

  10. The answer is 3. and if you use traditional methods also 4!

    The celestial houses are defined by the Sun’s ingress into Aries. This is the starting point. If you read the series of articles on the Sky Without Stars, especially the third article, which explores Titus Burckhardt’s “Mystical Astrology” you can follow more easily what I mean.

    The mundane houses are defined by the Asc./MC

    Thank you all!

    PS If you are stumped, most of ye quizze questiones have some reference to a past article! 🙂

  11. Hi Thomas,
    most interesting question. Of course when Nam-Bur-Be-Mukta-Nannu was performing his daily astrologs for the king, they were deeply immersed with using tents ! (A little known fact but worth knowing.) So, any astrologger could easily recognize that if one’s tenth tent was in jeopardy as the shifting celestial precession indicated, the individual could easily, (1) move his tent to a new location, preferably another country (2) disregard the household organizer and simply relocate himself leaving such a cheap tent behind (3) find another tent owner whose dowry held many furs therein.

    Later, of course, as the astrologgers became more or less demanding of the king to allow a better dwelling, some benevolent kings allowed the cult to build Yurts. No very impressive but still, one”s second Yurt lord made a little more sense even though the distinction was nil.

    Today, sad as it is, the Ziggurat Yurts didn’t catch on and so we see no evidence on these wonderful “Wonders of the Mythical world” left. Truth to tell, they were probably transported about until the many pieces simply fell into disorder and were left behind. Obviously as such events occurred, we would find no evidence of the Incredible Shrinking Yurt.

    Time marches on and we come to the final resolution. Stone. Wonderful Ziggurat material
    but too laborious so the astrologgers made mud bricks to build with. . . far better than the tents of yore.

    With each developing structure we see the earliest legend-builders, building toward greater and greater houses until one day, physical houses were no longer needed.

    The sky was the limit ! When the dude Beer-Or-So came onto the scene, he certainly couldn’t carry a Ziggurat to the Island of Cos,
    so he devised the special concept called “The Think Method” (Yes the very same as used in “The Music Man”) to teach his Chaldean Methods to the unwashed.

    Well, soon after that, Astrologgers became enthused and declared “Hey, we can do that too.” So many, many astrologgers decided to invent “Modern” techniques all based on terrible ideas about a nonexistent math solution that really needed tweaking.

    Along came the hippest dude of ’em all, the ever present P-told-me. . . and told the masses he did, so much that his ideas are still in vogue today. He also told everybody something about a sixth sense but thought better than to over ride ol Py’s theories on sound-string.

    So, I’ll go with tents, as they make a lot more sense when having to construct all twelve of them in all the different locations one needs to expand upon while tending to one’s flock

    Sir Arthyr,

  12. Hello Sir Arthyr,

    May I have your attention.

    I understand your intent.
    shhh. not a word to his Potent majesty
    the Bel of Tashtent,
    for if hears a word of this
    instent retententce is all that is acceptent.

    Thank you so much for sharing with us this
    no longer distent lore.

    A happy new year to you!


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