Ye Fifthe Daye of Christmas: Ye Quizze

On ye fifthe daye of Christmas:

The ecliptic has two blind spots. What are they? and why are they blind?

  1. Why they are the Vertex and the Antivertex. They have turned around so much that their ‘eyes’ are focused on each other and so can’t ‘see’ anything else. By analogy it is like being folded down the middle so that the eyes look at each other.
  2. These are the deferent and the equant. Ptolomy called them ‘blind’ because they are not visible.
  3. These are the points where the Moon crosses the ecliptic. They are ‘blind’ because when the Sun and Moon are near them during a Full or New Moon there is an eclipse. The Lights darken or are blinded. They are not functionally but effectually blind!
  4. Why the nodes of course. Could you see if you had one of them sitting on your nose?

7 thoughts on “Ye Fifthe Daye of Christmas: Ye Quizze

  1. Dear Thomas

    LOL! Everyone knows that the two ‘Blind Spots’ are none of the above but instead are those two sensitive degrees first discovered by Aristotle when he noticed that the Sun kept bashing his head into the planetary spheres!

    The ‘Blind Spots’ are in fact 0* Cancer and 0* Capricorn because they are the two Zodiacal Degrees that have the maximum declination from the Equator. Every time the Sun climbs up to either position and tries to fly off into space, the Prime Mover bashes him in the face and knocks him down the Ecliptic again: hence the term Sun Spots, giving the Sun umpteen black eyes!

    This constant bumping into what appears to be a glass ceiling is thought to be behind the theory that the Sun is in fact a feminine planet!


  2. Hi Caro and Thomas,

    I could almost be convinced by 3,4 and Caro’s most in-lightning ideas.

    But, according to the greatest expert of them all, Dr. NonstraBook, the two blind sports are two beautiful , muscular young sisters, Neptune and Uranus Williams, who share one Tennis eyeball they play with and win. Unfortunately, their Gothic teenage sister, Pluto Williams, managed to escape the cave…err..cage, taking this single tennis eyeball with her, and so leaving them beyond sight.


  3. Hello Caroline,

    Hmm, I always thought that these points were the drop-tickle points, the Sun laughs so hard that she (of course the Sun is feminine) sends a shower of shooting stars down to us.


  4. Hello Naggie!

    You have something there! The three sisters are always up to something, they can’t help it. But you must admit when the two blind sports, Neptune and Uranus, stumble around on the court, they play an astonishing game. It is almost like watching a cross between a wacky Ice-Hockey game and a Bull-Fight. Have you heard? Poor little Pluto Williams (even if she is such a wretch), just underwent freeze treatment after escaping with the Tennis eyeball (which she always lusted after) and is now a dwarf. So she is blind again as the eyeball is too big and now rotates around her. It has been named Chargrin, because it gleefully sneers at her every revolution.

    Thank you for reminding me of this. But maybe you should reconsider? 🙂


  5. > Any other guesses?

    Do you mean you don’t accept Naggie’s or my brilliant explanations Thomas?

    Well, in that case we could plump for the obvious and choose the North Node and the South Node as being the two blind spots. After all, those are the only two places where the Moon can eclipse the Sun thereby causing his temporary blindness!

    Great Quiz Thomas! Keep them coming 🙂


  6. Hello Caroline,

    Oh they were brilliant! Such fabulation, which is always enjoyable. But as you both knew, from the beginning, I am sure, LOL. Naggie even says so, the expected answer was 3 and 4.

    My pleasure! And keep the answers rolling!


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