Ye Fourthe Daye of Christmas: Ye Quizze

Ye fourthe Daye of Christmas:

When should the Arabic Part of Rectification be used and how is it calculated?

  1. Oh come on! There is no such thing. It would be better to start with the trutine of Hermes and then the animodar before continuing to calculate primary directions for the major events of the natives life.
  2. This is a failsafe when the Lord of the Syzygy is on the midpoint of the Asc/MC and your Solar Delight® astrology software is throwing up charts “resembling a piece of crochet with 8 separate Ascendants and MC’s all at 45 degrees from each other and with 78 different Animodars” (Dame Detrimentia). Its formula is Asc. + MC – nearest Animodar Asc with most dignities for the Lord of the Syzygy = true rectified Ascendant
  3. The Part of Rectification has been handed down over the generations to one sole protector of the Secret. Dame Detrimentia is its momentary holder. Please apply to her should Solar Delight® cough up the charts described in 2. She accepts PrayPal®. For further information click here.

16 thoughts on “Ye Fourthe Daye of Christmas: Ye Quizze

  1. Hallo Thomas

    I think that the number 2 of the Dame Detrimentia is the nearest because Abu’l-Rayhan ibn Al-Biruni tells us in scroll 525 that we must apply the namudhara (Latin animodar) or indicator when the woman did not write the time when giving birth.

    What is PrayPal?

    Best regards,

  2. Hello Thomas,

    I vote 2 also (thank you for the reference Twinkle).

    I see that Dame Detrimentia has written the formula for the Arabic Part of Rectification in invisible ink on her site next to the PrayPal button. (PrayPal is a method of obtaining your heart’s desire over the internet Twinkle. You press the magic button and every wish is granted!)

    I can heartily recommend the new Solar Delight® software to your readers Thomas, especially for those astrologers with Venus ruled ascendants. It’s pink fondant charts with its duodecimae lightly dusted with planetary hours are delectably delicious, even when the domification is suspect and cast in whole sign houses!

  3. My very dear Thomas

    I am in the unique position of knowing that number 3 is the correct answer! Dear Claudius was most insistent that I should be the holder of the secret in this incarnation, and although I can reveal that the Arabic Part of Rectification is calculated thus:

    Ascendant + the Arabic Part of Rectitude (formula 97 Al Biruni, change at night)


    the Arabic Part of Trickery and Deceit (formula 92 Al Biruni, change at night)

    and then cast from the ascending degree (being efficacious when located only in a fixed, angular sign); I can reveal nothing further without the intervention of PrayPaL. Should your members care to press the magic button, I will tell them in no uncertain terms what to do with the said part!

    Yours in oblique con-descension,
    Detrimentia (Dame, Counselor Egregious)

  4. Certainly Alphonso!

    Both dear Al Biruni and Dust ibn Lina give the formulas thus:

    97: The Arabic Part of Rectitude: Ascendant + Mars – Mercury (change at night)

    92: The Arabic Part of Trickery and Deceit: Ascendant + Spiritus – Mercury (change at night)

    Once located both of these parts should be tagged and tamed, before being tethered to the chart.

    Graciously yours,
    Dame Detrimentia

  5. Hello y’all distinguished people,

    The part of WreckTiffOccasion is used when one had too much to drink at the local pub, and is always miscalculated.

    Hicc, Hicc Hurray!

  6. Most excellent Dame Detrimentia,

    I have heard so much about Solar Delight® but I prefer Joyous® as every time a chart is printed out a choir of celestial voices sings the astrologers praises. Between the two, the competition hasn’t a chance.

    But what about J. Unctuous’ formula? I know I had it somewhere, but there are so many charts all over the place I can’t find it.

    It went something like:
    Part of wishful thinking + Mercury, the rest I forgot.

    ever your admirer,

  7. Oh, yes, Joyous® would make an infinite source of Pleasure®, if not for the fact it’s created and often upgraded by them people from downunder, and so the charts and music of their spheres always turn upside down, and one must stand on one’s head to be able to enjoy them properly.

  8. Hello Naggie!

    Does the Part of WrecktiffOccasion also have a complement, like the Part of Fortune the Part of Spirit?

    I am familiar with Joyous® too, only I’ve turned the music of the spheres off, as all those headstands made it hard to hold the charts. I am thinking of getting Generous® as they promise to include and automatic PrayPal® button, so that every time you use their programme you get a rebate. Or am I confusing things and this particular PrayPal button is to ensure it works?



  9. Hi Thomas,

    Yes, as part of WrecktiffOccasion is calculated from the part of Spirit, its opposite, the part of misappropriation (aka “part of Madoffication”) is calculated using the part of Fortune.

    As for Joyous®, you can easily lower its nodes level by switching to “music of the hemispheres”, and press the PrayPal® button every time you can’t refuse an upgrade (ever too often).

    Never heard of Generous®, but I’m told if one converts to Vedic, one must get GoRaveHoney-JoyDish®…

  10. Hello Naggie!

    GoRaveHoney-Joydish® sounds delish. If there is a demo with a mango-coconut curry function I’ll try it.

    There is also Curious®, but it’s price tag is the most astronomical of astrologickal software, putting it roughly in orbit with Quaoar. Fine if you have a Kuiper belt with a Kuiper purse filled with freshly minted Kuiper coins. Don’t know if it has a Part of WrecktiffOccasion calculator!

    Thanks for the Joyous® tip. 🙂


  11. Hello Twinkle, Caroline, Margherita, Alphonso, Cornelius, revered Dame Detrimentia and dearest Naggie!

    Just think what an immense service you have been to the purveyor’s of astrological software! The next updates, will be rolling of the production lines soon. The poor mermaid will hopefully have a built-in kuiper belt, making it difficult for Torrent pirates or other such. Perhaps if the price were to orbit somewhere near Mars she wouldn’t have such problems. Solar Delight® will probably have a plush update and Joyous® will no longer divide by zero and thereby send the celestial choir to yet higher levels of praise! And I am certainly looking forward to a good mango coconut curry!


    PS The answer to this quizze questionne? If you get to it, you might still discover the Part of Rectification, independent of Dame Detrimentia who has been waiting centuries to see if anyone can find it (she has her own reward for them), and enter the illustrious halls of renown. if you do, please tell us.

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