Ye Thirde Daye of Christmas: Ye Quizze

On ye thirde daye of Christmas:

What is an inconjunct?

  1. A slightly skewed conjunction. This usually happens between a swift and a slow planet. The swift planets’ conjunction is so quick that it seems not to have conjuncted the slower planet, hence the term inconjunction.
  2. A rare form of peregrination. Here the peregrine planet is not only without dignity but also in occulation with either Mars or Saturn.
  3. According to al Biruni the two signs adjacent to the sign in question as well as the two signs adjacent to its opposite sign are not in aspect to each other. These are inconjunct (sãqit).
  4. This simply describes planets that do not behold each other. That means they are not in signs where a conjunction, sextile ,square, trine or opposition are possible.
  5. Inconjunction has nothing to do with astrology. It is what happens if you eat too many sweets.

20 thoughts on “Ye Thirde Daye of Christmas: Ye Quizze

  1. Hi Thomas :0)

    I vote number (1) because it is a well known fact that Mercury is the fastest planet simply because he is a Cockney ‘tea-leaf’ careering around the Zodiac frisking all the heavier planets pockets and making off with his ill gotten gains! Why, only last week he pinched Saturn’s rings!

    Wickedpedia says:

    In = contained by, surrounded by etc.

    Con = to defraud, to trick, to swindle; disadvantaged, convicted criminal.

    Junction = the act of joining, where two things meet

    So to be inconjoined means to be swindled; but the swindled planet cannot behold who did the inconjuncting. Fast planets are good at that.

    CarO 😉

  2. Hello Caroline!

    Ah. The more common form of the word, inconjunction, what a mouthful! being ‘dodge’?

    Mercury dodges Saturn in the 2nd only to be received by Mars into his fall with a hook (square) to the jaw’?

    Well I’m thinking now that 5. might also be right after having had too many sweets yesterday.


  3. Hallo Thomas,

    I would vote for nr. 2, as I know that peregrination is a nasty thing. Nobody likes to catch peregrinitis, and although, as you said, he has been inoculated like Mars and Saturn, it did not seem to show any effect and can leave one in a very undignified state, unfortunately.

    Hope he will feel better, soon.

  4. Hello Caroline,

    More like inconjunkestion! Although none of the ingested was junk! But we all know that inconjunction has four forms, two being more sinister than the other which are dexterous!


  5. Hello Peter!

    Yes being inocculated by Mars and Saturn can be very unpleasant! And if that doesn’t cure one of severe peregrinitis, that is inconjunction, than one is in a sorry state indeed!

    Condolences will be conveyed without delay!


  6. Hi Thomas,

    I had no idea what an Inconjunct was, so I asked my astrologer friend and she said it was the same thing as “Queen-Kanks”.

    Now, I had to use Goggles to find this definition for “Kanks” in the Urban Dictionary :
    1. only the greatest man on earth
    2. having no ankles
    3. the greatest man on earth with no ankles

    It seems like Caroline’s answer is the most accurate one.
    Inconjunct = Queen-Kanks = Freddie Mercury.
    According to WickedPedia, Freddie Mercury was an English singer-songwriter, pianist, guitarist and co-founder of the rock band Queen, known for his international hit “We Are the Champions” !!!

  7. Hello Naggie!

    Now I’ve come across another Wickedpedia definition.


    Meaning bank account and all other financial instruments have been deleted. This happens when Pluto is at 0 Capricorn on the Capricorn ingress and Neptune is 150* away and Uranus 30* on the sinister side.


  8. OK, let me try.

    Inconjuncts are like rock-stars who can’t Goggle , or rather cannot stand each other’s sight (say Axl Rose and Bon Jovi).
    so it must be somethimg like 3 or 4.

    Just guessing.

  9. Oh, I see. Thanks, Thomas.

    So, all those poor “Mad of Madoff” people are the misinformed clients of Modern finacial astrologers?

    This figures.

  10. Sorry I´m late today.
    I´m weak in English so I ask: is there any word like “dis-inconjunct” ?
    ´cos I was in this situation all the day surrounded by three grandsons.
    I´m a simple man so again I vote 4 four.


  11. Hello Naggie!

    Maybe he is Sedna in disguise? Motto, “I should nae sedna more”

    Could be they weren’t beholding the “income-junked” aspects, or maybe it was the other way around, they ignored everything else?



  12. Hello Trojan,

    Dis-inconjunct exists now! Its complement is Dat-inconjunct, as there is always one on the left and one on the right. Dis and Dat. 🙂

    4. is a very good choice!

    Glad you could make it, you must be exhausted!!


  13. In reality is common knoledge that conjunction often means a “carnal encounter” between two bodies.

    So, obviously, inconjunct means “coitus interruptus”

  14. Hello Yuzuru,

    Are you sure you don’t mean, ‘coitus inconjunctus’. Coitus is not possible if the said parties do not behold one another. ‘interruptus’ means at one point they did! And if it is a conjunction that is so swift is to almost be unnoticeable, there is another word for that…


  15. Good Morning,

    Once again a good show, Caroline, Peter, Naggie, Trojan and Yuzuru!
    The answer is 3. and 4., which all of you knew of course. 1. 2. and 5. were more fun though!

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