Ye Seconde Daye of Christmas: Ye Quizze

On ye Seconde Daye of Christmas,

The Nodes are respectively exalted in Gemini (north) and Sagittarius (south). Why?

  1. Al Biruni nodded briefly off while writing his “Elements of Astrology” and the marks he made when writing up the dignities were later interpreted as the north and south node. There were no proofreaders in the 10th century.
  2. In the Christmas song they are the two turtles doves that have joined the partridge in the apple tree. Along with the Pars Fortunae, the pars-tridge (‘tridge’ being a corruption of the Eutruskan word for ‘fortune’) they show the interaction between the paths of the Sun and Moon.
  3. Because all the authorities before 1700 say so.
  4. The Nodes mark where the Tree of Knowledge grows into the Tree of Life. The North Node must be where Mercury has his domicile (Gemini) as it is here that Knowledge grows into Wisdom. The South Node must be where Jupiter has his domicile, as here the Tree of Life is rooted, where Wisdom grows into Grace. Grace being outside the chart.
  5. If you combine the symbols of the Nodes and then mill them through an exalted antiscion then the symbols for Gemini and Sagittarius come out on the other end.

22 thoughts on “Ye Seconde Daye of Christmas: Ye Quizze

  1. Hi Thomas,

    The nodes are actually earphones worn by two distant people participating in a long distance call over the internet. The first person lives in the northern Earth hemisphere, so his earphones are marked by the north node. The other one lives down-under, so him and his earphones are upside down, as marked by the south node.

    What could make a more exalted place for those earphones than the communicative Gemini and the international Sagi?

    the know-it-all Naggie

  2. “The Nodes are respectively exalted in Gemini (north) and Sagittarius (south). Why?”

    Good Morning Thomas

    LOL, I loved Dr. Nostuabuk’s explanations of the origins of the exaltations of the Nodes nearly as much as I liked Naggie’s chatterbox earphones!

    But I disagree with all of them. 😉

    It has been suggested that the origins of the ‘exaltations’ of the planets lies in the observed changes in their declinations, and that the exaltations in fact pre-dated the rulerships. The fact that the Sun is exalted in Aries also implies that the ancients aligned the exaltation degrees to the tropical Zodiac rather than the sidereal, because 0* Aries is where the Sun’s declination rises above the Equator.

    And so surely the reasons the Nodes having their exaltations in Gemini and Sagittarius must be something to do with the fact that at 29* Gemini and 29* Sagittarius the Nodes reach their maximum declinations of currently approx. 23* 27’ North and South of the Celestial Equator?

    I bet Andrew knows!


  3. I ‘node why they’ums is exalted. You draws the squiglee thing with the eyes up, then you draws the full moon beneath and then you draws the squiglee with the feets. The Man in the Moon is whats you seez. I don node anyone who likes runnin’ roun’ more then them Geminize, sort of exaltin’ like, an those Sages sort of are xalted in the haid. so I saiz ‘nun of the abuve. an you node that frum the beginnin’ didn yu Thomas?

    An Ms. Nag use got sumpfin with them heardfones.

    An CarO huh? I bet use gots an xalted Sage sumwhere. Whut ism a declination?


  4. Hi (know it all) Naggie!

    Maybe I should have confered with you before writing ye quizze! It is so obvious to me now that they must also symbolize headphones! Just goes to show you how advanced the ancients were! So which set do you use? 😉

    Does that mean that your answer is 6? Or is it 7. None of the above?


  5. Good Morning Caroline!

    So your answer is 7. 🙂

    That is an interesting point about the declinations. Can’t say much yet though, as the day is early (not here but in other places of the world), and wouldn’t want to give too much away. N’est pas? Just one question. Why are the most exalted points 3 degrees?


  6. Hello Mel!

    It seems I didn’t node enough, because all the answers up to now are so plausible and no one seems to want to go for either of the answers offered, even though there are 5 of them!

    Dr. Nostuabuk rang not long after you wrote your comment. And oh is he in a temper. He has seen this image in an ancient manuscript and forgotten it (which explains the temper)! He is now rummaging around in his library trying to find it.

    I’ll let CarO explain the declinations…

    A very happy Christmas to you,

  7. Hi Thomas,
    Thanks for the Christmas cheer!

    To choose my answer, I’ll use the same method I used in public school:
    1, 2 and 5 are funny, therefore must be at least partially false; 3 is false, as ancient authorities didn’t agree; so I’ll pick 4.

    I love multiple-choice tests 🙂

  8. >“Why are the most exalted points 3 degrees?”

    Rats! That puts the Kibosh on my high declination theory! 😦


    In ‘Liber Astronomiae’ by Guido Bonatti Chapter XXIX, Bonatti lists the ‘Exaltations’ of the Nodes as given by Albumasar and Alchabitius (and translated by Robert Zoller and Robert Hand) as:

    “ Caput Draconis = 3rd degree Sagittarius . . . . . . . .
    They posited Gemini as the exaltation of Caput Draconis because Gemini is the first bicorporeal and common sign after Aries, and Caput Draconis is likewise bicorporeal because it is composed of two natures, namely of Jupiter and Venus, which are the two fortunes. Sagittarius is posited as the exaltation of Cauda Draconis because Sagittarius is opposed to Gemini, as Cauda is to Caput Draconis.” Ends Quote

    So! Bi-corporeal seems to be the ‘qualifier’ here! I will go and put my thinking cap on about why 3 degrees . . . . . maybe Firmicus has the answer in his Thema Mundi? 🙂


  9. Hello, me again!

    Persevering with my declination theory I have just come across my handwritten note that in greek the word for exaltation is “hypsoma’ , plural is ‘hypsomata’ which means: the place in the zodiac where ‘max. latitude north.’ :-))


  10. Good afternoon Thomas !
    I vote 4 four.
    I like your explanation .
    Maybe exaltation in Gemini comes from exalted idealism of young people (Mercury – Gemini) growing to broader (exalted) vision of Sagittarius.

    Best wishes,

  11. ‘Morning Trojan 🙂

    Isn’t it ‘odd’ that in Jyotish the exaltations of the Nodes are both in Mercury ruled signs: those of Gemini and Virgo. I wonder just why they are in different signs in the different systems?

    ( still frantically researching 3 degrees – it must be something to do with the Moon being exalted at 3* Taurus nestle your pasta Thomas?)

  12. I know! I know! (waving hand wildly in the air!)

    It must be something to do with the antiscia? The third degree of Sagitarrius is on the antiscion of the 27th degree of Capricorn; and the third degree of Gemini is on the antiscion of 27th degree of Cancer – too close to the 28th degree of exaltation and fall of Mars to be a coincidence!

    I found your article on the Nodes written last August Thomas!

    Am I getting closer?


  13. Hello Caroline,

    Well we know from Mel that the Man in the Moon has three parts. So if his body is exalted at three then so must the head and legs also be!

    And in which signs would the antisicon of a planet at these exaltation points be? There where the Sun has the highest and lowest declination.

    Following the declinations is a very fruitful track to follow in trying to understand this knotty question. 🙂


  14. Hmmmm ….. I can quite ‘see’ the antiscia connection between signs, but I don’t see why the Nodes are exalted in the 3rd degree.

    Do you mean that just because the Moon has her exaltation in the 3rd degree then so too should the Nodes?


  15. Hi again,

    Hrrrmmm, since my powerful Master, Almuten and LoG (control freak) Saturn cnj FS Altair and PoF in my 9th pulls me by my collar, as we speak, I ‘ve no choise but to vote for choise no. 3 or I’ll be severely punished.

    Nothing is more important than TRADITION and AUTHORITY !!!

    The suffocating Naggie…

  16. Hello Caroline,

    Well, nothing in astrological symbolism is by chance. So I am very happy that you have brought up the declinations! Interesting too is that the rulers of these two exaltation points, Jupiter and Mercury should have a well balanced exaltation point at 15 degrees. The exaltations and fall are intricately intertwined with the story of the Fall, whether in the Bundahisn or Old Testament. Equally intertwined is the imagry of a dragon or serpent guarding a tree with precious fruit, usually this fruit is from the Tree of Life.


  17. Hello Naggie,

    Well tell your all powerful Master, that 3. is a safe answer! 🙂 He should be satisfied and then you can put on your headphones and nod in his direction with a knowing smile!


    PS but don’t tell him what you are listening to!

  18. Dear Naggie, Caroline, Mel, Sapphireyes and Trojan!

    And ye seconde Daye passed withe flyinge colours 🙂

    As you guessed there was no really absolute answer! The exaltations are old and are listed in most manuscripts. The curious thing is that they are never explained with any amount of detail. They are a mystery. I am inclined to think that they are Mystery wisdom (like the Mysteries of Mithras, etc.) The list is available to all only the wisdom behind it is reserved.

    We can only conjecture but 4. would come closest to doing them any justice, particularly as it attempts to take the Thema Mundi into account. Caroline made a valiant attempt to explain the 3 degrees, and I think that this course of thought should be followed further!
    3. might also do!
    and 7. ‘none of the above’ would also be acceptable.
    Now on to ye thirde daye!

    best wishes to you all!

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