Ye Firste Daye of Christmas: Ye Quizze

On ye first daye of Christmas:

Pars Fortunae on the Ascendant. When does this occur?

  1. When the Moon is in fall
  2. At New Moon
  3. During a solar eclipse
  4. Only when the Pars Futurum is also there
  5. Hardly ever

20 thoughts on “Ye Firste Daye of Christmas: Ye Quizze

  1. Happy Seasonings , Thomas !

    1. 2-3 might be the most common opinion.
    2. Pars Fortunae is rising in the natal charts of Millionaire wannabes?

    Naggie. 🙂

  2. Hello Naggie,

    Whichever feast of light you celebrate, add cardamom. Happy seasonings. 🙂

    On all points correct. But are you sure you haven’t missed something?


  3. Hi Thomas,

    Yes, of course I have missed the whole point.
    Arabic part of fortune is rising simultaneously with oil prices.

    Sorry for being so forgetful,

    PS : LOL, Caro, that was a good one !!! 🙂

    (if only it weren’t the same degree as part of suicide for disillusioned Millionaire wanna-buizz) 😦

  4. Hello Naggie,

    Right-oh. 🙂

    Quite franc-ly, go for the Suisse Part. Oil is a limited commodity, a bank vault has unlimited capacity… The conversion rate is 10(PA):1(PS)

    Now what about the Pars Futorum (a part from the future that awaits disillunsioned wanna-bui$$)?


  5. I always (have to) agree with Caroline, but today I`m with Naggie –
    anwers two and three are correct.
    Merry Christmas to all of you!

    Trojan (happy to have nothing with Mr. Madoff)

  6. Hallo Thomas,

    After having dealt with Pars nips and the rest, back to Pars Fortunae.
    I would go for nr. 6. Unfortunately not in my birth chart.

    A merry Christmas to you, and thank you very much for Ye Festive Quizze!


  7. Hello Peter,

    Ouch! I wouldn’t want a pars nips in my chart either! 🙂

    A merry Christmas to you too, and you are very welcome! Maybe by tomorrow, after digestion has been completed, you may be able to pars-ticipate with your usual acumen.


  8. Hello Margherita,

    Both have fuo as root. I am no expert in Latin declination but according to my dictionary:

    futura, orum n. (fuo) = futurum
    futurum, i n. (fuo) Future


  9. Hello Margherita!

    How dense of me! I was in a hurry, with one foot out the door. It only occured to me later that you meant pars futuorum as the part of securities! LOL But I think the appropriate part would be the part of debt (considering latest developments on the markets). Asc + Mercury – Saturn?

    But what of the Pars Futurorum?

  10. What a wonderful thread Thomas! I especially appreciated the Pars Nips and Pars Suisse LOL! And of course the answer is numbers 2, 3 & 4 because at both New Moon and a Solar eclipse Pars Fortunae and Pars Futurorum are in exactly the same place!


    Ascendant + Moon – Sun
    Ascendant – Sun + Moon

    Both reach the same conclusion! I warned everyone it was a fiendish Quiz didn’t I?!

    What have you got for us next?


  11. Too clever for my own good LOL. I haven’t had my coffee yet. What I meant to say was:

    Ascendant + Moon – Sun
    Ascendant + Sun – Moon

    both add up to the same degree :0))))

    sigh! , , , , , , , , ,


  12. Dear Caroline!

    Yes!!! The correct answer is 2,3 and 4! because as you rightly noticed, the Part of Spirit or pars futurum are identical when either is on the Ascendant. Never mind your calculations, the general ‘drift’ is correct!

    Next questionne is up. For some reason the ‘scheduling’ feature doesn’t work. It is set for gmt. Sigh… Apologies to those who looked in at 6:00am GMT! Let me see. The Part of Delays is…


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