The 2009 Mars/Saturn Opposition and Koror

We have recently been looking at earthquake charts with respect to the Mars/Saturn conjunction, known traditionally as the Small Conjunction. The Great Conjunction is that between Jupiter and Saturn. I would like to continue the series on predicting critical periods and critical areas. Next year, on the 5th of April 2009, the opposition between Mars and Saturn takes place. This is an important astrological event particularly when we view seismic and meteorological phenomenon.

The question is to find where the foci of this particular configuration are. I will choose one region as there are a concentration of testimonies beginning with the January solar eclipse, continuing with the Aries Ingress of the Sun, the nearest lunation, the New Moon on March 26th, leading finally to the opposition itself on April 5th.

One region that in my estimation has a high probability of being a focus of tremendous natural forces is the island of Koror, east of the Philippines. Koror and the major city of the same name belong to the little heard of and mostly ignored Republic of Palau.

Dear reader, we will be analysing the above charts, with respect to the potential they show. Generally describing a thunderstorm and being in the midst of it are almost incomparable. The charts we look at, and our attempts to understand them can only be dry approximations of upcoming events, and we must always beware of habitually seeing only the worst scenario in them. We are allowed to worry though. And we are allowed to look at what happened and be relieved when the worst did not occur! Unfortunately if we hear anything of such remote regions, it is usually bad news, and without much differentiated description. Ideally someone who lives in this region should observe and record what really happens, to put flesh on the bones of the charts and to also give the right degree of perspective. Now to the charts:

54 GMT

Solar Eclipse, Jan. 26, 2009 Koror, Pacific 134e29 / 7n20, 7:54 GMT

The solar eclipse on January 26th is at 6 Aquarius 29. The IC for Koror during the eclipse is at 20 Libra 24. Mars at 22 Capricorn is close to the Descendant and is in square to the IC. He will form a conjunction with retrograde Mercury a few days later. Saturn forms a separating trine to Mars which ‘gentles’ things a little.

43 GMT

Aries Ingress, March 20, 2009 Koror, Pacific 134e29 / 7n20, 11:43 GMT

The IC at 6 Aquarius 01 of the Aries Ingress chart for Koror, picks up the solar eclipse position of Sun and Moon (also 6 Aquarius). The North Node is tucked inside the IC cusp (8 Aquarius), by April 5th, it will have moved to 6 Aquarius, in a sense reactivating the potential of the eclipse.

05 GMT

New Moon, March 26, 2009 Koror, Pacific 134e29 / 7n20, 16:05 GMT

The New Moon of March 26th seems to contain no threat. In fact the New Moon is in exact sextile to the solar eclipse position. No ‘heavy’ aspects seem to oppress the IC.


Let us go on to the Mars/Saturn opposition chart. Here the potentials of the last three charts seem to gather. First the chart itself. The IC is at 9 Virgo 22, with Saturn in the 4th house about 7 degrees away. The antiscion of Mercury exactly conjuncts the IC. Mercury itself is at 20 Aries 37, the domicile of Mars and is also parallel to both Saturn and Venus. The Mars/Saturn opposition, along with the Mercury antiscion conjunction on the IC, is enough to show turbulent weather with strong and destructive winds. The earth/water combination of the opposition could also increase the possibility of earthquake/tsunami activity. Now what really worries me are how the chart picks up on the previous New Moon, with the New Moon Mars conjunct the MC at 9 Pisces, in opposition to the Mercury antiscion on the IC. The New Moon IC conjuncts Mercury of the Opposition chart (20 Aries) as does the antiscion of New Moon Mars. And not only that. The MC of the solar eclipse is also here. And there is the IC (Aries Ingress) – Sun/Moon (solar eclipse) conjunction to the North Node. There is a lot of activity between Mercury, Mars, Saturn along with several IC interactions of eclipse, ingress and lunation. This means that we must keep an eye out for Koror and hope that some of the positive testimonies mentioned above will help to keep the elements more temperate.

12 thoughts on “The 2009 Mars/Saturn Opposition and Koror

  1. Hello Thomas.
    Considering ths is an clipse above the horizon we can read it as Ptolemy teaches, if it is visible.

    If so -I did not check this- falling near the the Descendant, this eclipse will give its effects in a long time.

    Merry Christmas to you and all your readers.


  2. Hello Margherita,

    And in a fixed sign. So the time frame would be until the next solar eclipse in July. We can examine the lunations after the Opposition in the new year.

    Thank you. A Happy Christmas to you too! 🙂


  3. According Ptolemy effects could be longer.

    The eclipse is near the Descendant so it will be stronger in the last four months, let’s say two because the syzygy is already in the 7th house.

    Then we should consider eclipse lenght: it should be more or less 1 hour (anyway I could not find Koror, I’m allergic to geography), which means 1 year.

    So effects will start after 10 months- October 2009- and will last for one year, especially from summer 2010.

    Does It fit with your other charts? Anyway this is a “more-or-less” computation ;(

  4. Hello Margherita,
    Yes, generally a year is taken, and viewed symbolically the last quarter of the year from the eclipse would be right. But you can look at the specific situation. If however you divide this year into 4 quarters then by primary motion the Moon will reach the IC in a little over 3 months. This would be around the middle of May 2009 (the eclipse is 16 degrees above the Desc.). But this set of charts shows that the eclipse position is highlighted at the Aries Ingress, it is directly on the IC, and is once again picked up in the Opposition chart at the North Node. This in my estimation is an activation of the potential of the eclipse, and so the effects will probably begin from the Opposition on. We need still to look at the Lunation charts for further clarification.
    Shall we do this next year? If you click on the link, location finder by lat. and long. (under useful in the link section) you can enter the coordinates and will be shown the location on a map.

    best Christmas wishes,

  5. Did you hear about the earthquake of yesterday in Northen Italy? It was 5.2 magnitude, quite strong

    My idea is it is linked with the eclipse of 01 August, which was just visible in northen Italy. The eclipse fell in Leo which rules Italy and being near the MC, effects would be after four months.

    Anyway I did not cast the chart.Maybe I will do for my blog, but for the moment I’m in the midst of Christmas texts 🙂 no room for earthquakes!!

    Merry Christmas again,

    • Hello Barbara,

      It can be spooky, but then that is one of the dilemmas of prediction. How accurate do we want to be? And what responsibility do we carry?

      best regards,

  6. Dear Misa,

    An aspect between two planets by opposition, means that they are 180 degrees apart from one another. As the planets are in constant movement and each has a different daily movement an opposition can be very short (the Moon for example moves through one sign in less than 3 days, Saturn takes about 2 1/2 years)

    The Sun opposes Saturn once a year, but you needn’t get to worked up about this. Aspects seem to be very important in modern astrology, but that is because so many of the older methods are ignored. In traditional astrology an aspect is never considered outside of context. That means it is not considered alone. An aspect is only part of the testimony of a chart that may support or weaken other testimonies such as dignity, position, condition etc.


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