Dr. Nostuabuk: Tremivorulate or 113 Degrees

Young John Kepler and I were discussing his new-fangled “Harmony of the Spheres” last Full Moon. I told him it was all very well to invent new aspects but didn’t he think that those even newer aspects that have only just become fashion, such as the quakecunx, were on shaky ground, especially when they were inconjunct? He told me to keep my boots on as he had so enjoyed naming his last batch of aspects: quintile (72°), bi-quintile (144°) and sesqui-quadrate (135°) that he had invented a whole new set that would steal the show away from any ridiculous quakequnx. These new aspects are based on prime numbers ending with 3:

queue-laterly (13°)
skewdetile (23°)
nonerly (43°)
lo-questitriumvate (53°)
pi-sesquiqualivate (83)°
pleasedonotsalivate (103)°
tremivorulate (113°)
empt-morphimarmite (163°)
quin-gonnaposition (173°)

They are all difficult aspects, beginning with the contortions needed by both tongue, larynx and lungs to pronounce them. Two planets that are in queue-laterly naturally are always in each others way and when another planet should aspect one of them by empt-morphimarmite then it is a really sticky situation. The only hope is to wait for a pleasenonotsalivate transit to clean the mess up.

4 thoughts on “Dr. Nostuabuk: Tremivorulate or 113 Degrees

  1. Dear Dr.,

    1. Didn’t you forget mentioning the very important , highly elastic aspects, Semifertile and Quasiproductile ?

    2. What happens when a malefic and benefic are at critical degrees, within a quakequnx of each other, and under a heavy badlygonnoutoposition lunar transit?


  2. Dear Ms. Pestnuisance!

    You mean of course the 79 degree and 97 degree aspects, that are so well paired that each is like the mirror image of the other. Young John thought to begin only with those aspects ending with a 3.

    The 199 degree aspect has not yet been named. Your name would be perfect. Just think of it, for a small consideration, the Pestnuisance®, an aspect for posterity! (Please contact me privately for bank transfer details to a numbered account in Switcherlan).

    As to your question about the badlygonnoutoposition lunar transit, for a more detailed description, please refer to my unfortunately out of print tome, “All Aspects at Hand” Briefly said, a bad case of, hrmm, flatulence may be the effect of this particular configuration.

    your Servant,
    Dr. H. Nostuabuk

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