Critical Earthquake Period, Update

Dear readers!

Just a short update. Most earthquake activity up to now has been along the 123rd meridian. But there is another development which we can carefully observe and that is the tropical storm “Ulysses” that is on the doorstep of the Philippines. “Ulysses” is slowly moving west, for latest updates you can check here:

Could the Mercury /IC conjunction be more an indicator of storm activity, strong winds, rather than earthquake (“winds” in the earth) activity? Here is a situation where Pluto is also on the IC. This would be indicative of violent and extreme activity. At the moment of writing no public storm warnings have been given as “Ulysses” might still verve towards the Northwest, depending on which forecast tracks you look at. We will have to wait for new developments.

Once the critical period is over, until the next third quarter Moon, I will review what has happened and examine the charts.

best wishes,

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