Critical Earthquake Period this December?

In the last articles we focused on a critical period for next year and 2014. We focused our attention on California. But there are other parts of the world that are also seismically active. Now one of the planetary movements that occupy many astrologers at the moment is the ingress of Pluto into Capricorn. As an astrologer who usually excludes the outer planets, allowing in mundane charts only the conjunction or opposition within 1 degree, as for a fixed star, it interests me to see whether this ingress has a notable effect, or not. After all, it is possible to get a bit worked up when hearing the word ‘Pluto’, with its reference to the underworld.

If you recall we looked at the Mars/Saturn conjunction in the last charts, which in traditional mundane astrology should not be ignored. It just so happens that in the last Mars/Saturn conjunction Mercury was in opposition to Pluto, and that only within a few minutes of arc.

In December, December 12th, to be precise, there is a notable astronomical event. We have a perigee Full Moon. This is indeed a critical period with the possibility of extreme bad weather, volcanic activity and other seismic activity. The question is, which regions of the earth are most in danger? Now in order to try to pinpoint things down I have searched for a region which had a notable conjunction on the MC/IC axis during the Mars/Saturn Conjunction and also where the lunation chart for Dec. 12th also has prominent MC/IC activity. If you recall Mercury, traditionally the earthquake planet, in the Mars/Saturn Conjunction was at 29 Gemini 51. Mercury (as well as his antiscion at 0 Cancer 08) will be in opposition to this position at 0 Capricorn 25 (within 34 minutes of arc) during the December lunation. Another reason to view this time as being critical.

The major city that has prominent activity in both the Mars/Saturn Conjunction chart and the December 12 lunation and is in a seismically critical region is Manila in the Philippines. (any region near the 120th eastern meridian will also have a similar MC/IC configuration, such as Kaohsiung or Taipei). Consider the following charts:

03 pm GMT

Manila-Mars/Saturn 10 Jul, 2008 6:03 pm GMT

You will note that the Nodes of the Moon are directly on the MC/IC axis. The Mars/Saturn Conjunction is also in the 4th house and Algol is close to the Ascendant.

36pm GMT

Full Moon: Manila, 12 Dec. 2008, 4:36pm GMT

In this chart we have Mercury (and Pluto) occupying the IC. Jupiter in the 4th house. He is in fall in Capricorn. He is in square to the Moon of the Mars/Saturn Conjunction. Saturn, Lord of the 4th house is in close square to the Sun and Moon. He forms a T-Cross to them from the 12th house. We can only hope that these particular testimonies are not enough.

3 thoughts on “Critical Earthquake Period this December?

  1. > We can only hope that these particular testimonies are not enough.

    If not, then with Saturn ruling the 4th cusp of the Full Moon chart above, you can always include the malefic Saturn/Neptune Quincunx Thomas. The Astrometeorologists do! 😦

    On a lighter note, I love your festive Christmas ‘sprinkles’ dancing across the page! Are is that stardust? 🙂


  2. In my experience, periods in which one of the three stooges changes signs are notewhorthy

    besides that, the Stooges are very overrated, including in astrometeorology.

  3. Hello Yuzuru,
    I do not make over use of the three outer planets, I generally don’t give them that much weight, but after many discussions with friends, some of whom are also sceptical, I try to notice them in mundane charts when there are conjunctions or oppositions, as celestial bodies with no rulerships over signs or houses, much as a fixed star. I agree with you that they are sometimes given more attention than, say Saturn or Mars, which somehow no longer seem to have the same ‘scare’ factor as they did a few centuries ago. A Mars/Saturn conjunction can be just as horrific, maybe even more so, than say Pluto or Uranus, when it comes to sudden and unpleasant events. However out of respect for those of my friends, who do use them, I try to include them, and even mention them, when looking at mundane events. Though sceptical, I try to remain open for arguments that might convince me of their more intensive use, even in astrometerology.


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