Ye Quizze Questionne før Decembrrr


  1. The fifth volume of Ptolomy’s Almagest dealing with the relation between the tropical and sidereal zodiac
  2. The annual fashion show in Delphi
  3. A method of finding the true birth time
  4. Ptolomy’s pet antiscion, most noted for its ability to chew quincunxes down to trines
  5. Generic name for the Nodes of the Part of Fortune, the north node being called animodarn and the south animodart
  6. Animodar has nothing to do with Ptolomy. In later times he was known as St. Nicholas’s sidekick, ‘Krampus’ or ‘Knecht Ruprecht’. He is the one who visits naughty children and astrologer’s who have been spending too much time with Lilith and Chiron.

13 thoughts on “Ye Quizze Questionne før Decembrrr

  1. I’m unsure between Ptolemy’s favourite pet (I hope for him antiscia are not like my Cagliostro) and a rectification of birth time.

  2. Hallo Thomas,

    It certainly must be nr. 6.
    I remember it well, when I was as child back in Austria, every year St. Nicholas and Anastasius Modar, as his full name was then, came to visit us on December 6th.
    I still can hear my mother say:” Oh no, you must have been hanging out with that Lilith gang again boy, here comes Ani Modar to pay you a visit!”

    All the best on this St. Nicholas day, and may there only be trines and sextiles dished out for you!


  3. Ah, you only say that because you’ve always been a good girl, Margherita.
    If you would have ever met HIM, you would be convinced!

  4. Hello Thomas,

    I vote none of the above! The Animodar is a polite name for the commode that Ptolemy flushed his failed ‘rectifications’ into when animosity, his pet antiscion, had piddled on his pre-natal syzygies.

    That will teach him to ride his epicycle on the wrong side of the ecliptic!

    Happy St Nicholas’ Day! 🙂


  5. Happy St. Nicholas’s Day Margherita, Peter, Caroline and Chris!

    Let us hope Anastasius Modar, known also as Krampus didn’t visit you today! And instead Ptolomy’s fifth book was waiting for you. And if you should have a pet antiscion make sure it always stays on the right side of the epicycle. And by the way the big hit at this years Ani Modar show in Delphi were jackets with a graphical ephemeris embroidered on the lapels. And a word of advice, never ever, ever try to calculate the Nodes for the Part of Fortune, they are worse than harmonics and even your computer will have a system meltdown. 🙂

    warmest regards to you all!

  6. LOL Thomas!

    I had forgotten that Dame Detrimentia had done a ‘Case of Animodar’ and had to check up first with the old Dame to see just what it ‘really’ meant!


  7. How does one pronounce Animodar?

    Do you astrology people of the dark ages so mistrust Annie’s Mother’s perfectly accurate recollection of her only child’s birth date&time, that you need to call for “Ani’s modar” rectification?

    What a shame !!!

    BTW, why is this message board snowing? Is it Christmas already?

  8. salve mater,

    Perfectly know we well how pronounced is Annie’s mothers name,
    and if we wish to recitify mater’s recollection
    there is no blame.
    She preoccupied was at the time Annie came,
    and calls the afternoons light morning
    If you weren’t Annie’s mother wouldn’t you do the same?


    PS we of the dark ages know:

    in libris virorum antiquorum multam philosophiam et sapientiam invenietis.

    It’s Decembrrrr isn’t it?

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