The Big Quake: Critical Period for end of May 2009?

In my last article I presented a horary chart about the timing of the next big Quake in California. In this article I would like to explore some mundane charts to see how probable a major earthquake, from an astrological standpoint, might be for the second Quarter of 2009 with especial attention to the end of May 2009. We can use these charts to examine whether there are any critical times during this period. The charts we will use are the solar eclipse chart of Jan. 26, which has already been presented and the solar Aries ingress chart. To keep this article simple I will only show these two charts, although the interested reader should also examine the lunation charts for this period. To make the notation of aspects simpler the following two abbreviations will be used; SEcl. for solar eclipse and SIng. For solar ingress.

A similarity between the 2009 SEcl. chart and that of 1906 has already been noted. That the IC is so prominent is I think significant. We could say that the probability of increased earthquake is given. But other testimonies are required. In charts of this sort we want to see how Mercury is placed and the aspects he makes. We also want to see what the Moon is doing. Here not only is her longitude important but also her declination and relation to the earth. I will be pointing out times where she is perigee, closest to the Earth and also when she reaches her declination limits, farthest north or south.

54 am GMT

Solar Eclipse 26 Jan. 2009, San Francisco 7:54 am GMT

43 am GMT

Solar Ingress Aries 2009, San Francisco 11:43 am GMT

The first thing we notice is that the SIng. Asc. is conjunct the SEcl. IC. This means it is also conjunct Jupiter and Sun/Moon SEcl. The ingress Moon is in wide opposition to SEcl. Mars/Mercury. It should also be noted that the Moon was at its declination limit of 28S52 on March 18 and on the SIng. is at 23S46. Ingress Mercury, which we have noted as the earthquake planet, is also very active. It is separating from opposition to SEcl Saturn and applying to opposition conjunction to SEcl. Uranus (20 Pisces). SIng. Mercury is also parallel to SIng. Uranus (2 deg) and contraparallel to SIng. Saturn. What does this mean? The period after the solar ingress is indeed a time where increased earthquake activity may be expected. And if we jump to the end of May, as discussed in the article on the horary chart? Around the 26th of May Mercury is retrograde and conjunct the IC (23Taurus) of the Ingress chart. Mercury is very slow in motion at this point. In addition, on the 26th at 3:45 am the Moon is perigee (closest to the earth) and also at its highest northern declination (26 deg 22). Now this is also very close to the fixed star Algol (26 Taurus) which is a notoriously evil fixed star. Algol also happens to be on the 8th house cusp of the solar eclipse chart (24 Taurus). These are not good testimonies. So it would seem that especially at the end of May 2009, while Mercury is still retrograde and coming to station that there is indeed some danger. That the Moon is also so close to the earth at this time also increases the possibility of seismic activity.

There are sure to be readers who are well versed in astrometeorology (which includes earthquakes). I would appreciate a second or third opinion!

23 thoughts on “The Big Quake: Critical Period for end of May 2009?

  1. >There are sure to be readers who are well versed in astrometeorology (which includes earthquakes). I would appreciate a second or third opinion!

    Hello Thomas :0)

    I am hesitant to put my two pennyworth in here because although I extremely newly-versed in astrometeorology, I am well enough versed to know that the outer planets play a huge role in it. I know that your Weblog is devoted to Traditional Astrology which doesn’t include Uranus, Neptune or Pluto in its example charts; which is perhaps why I see a great many dissimilarities between the two San Francisco Eclipse charts you presented of 1906 and 2009?

    We really need Carolyn Egan here. I have not as yet studied Earthquake charts but to my novice eye, the fact that Saturn (always prominent in earthquakes) was conjunct the 1906 eclipse stellium in the 4th house, looks to be a very different kettle of fish to Jupiter conjunct the 2009 eclipse in S.F.’s 4th house.

    Also, and most importantly, in the 1906 chart there is a partile opposition between Uranus and Neptune at 7* Cancer/Capricorn. (If I say this quickly perhaps you won’t notice : Neptune is the modern dispositor of the 4th house Eclipse, plus the 5 planets situated there in Pisces). The 4th house cusp for S.F. at 23* 17 Aquarius lies on the Midpoint of this Uranus/Neptune opposition waiting to be triggered.

    There has obviously been reams written about the 1906 S.F. Earthquake that I don’t know about, but from my notes on the Astrometeorology Course the combination of Uranus and Neptune creates abnormal conditions which produce mighty mundane events when triggered.

    And I can’t help but notice that on the day of the S.F. 1906 earthquake (05:12 am PST 18th April 1906) that Mercury (ruler of winds in the earth) was Rx on the midpoint of these two planets and the I.C. at 7* Aries; as was Mars at 22* 54 Taurus; and Saturn on the Midpoints of both Uranus/Asc and Neptune/Asc!

    So as I can’t untangle the mundane charts without the help of the ‘outer planets’ I think I had better leave this to the experienced astrometeorologists and go back to the Horary charts!


  2. Hello Caroline,

    Maybe you might not have noticed that in this particular case I have included Uranus? I avoid modern rulerships but when it comes to conjunctions and oppositions in mundane charts (the outers treated as ‘fixed stars’) I am not disinclined. Perhaps other aspects might be considered. I generally do not use the outers in horary or natal charts.

    As to the Mars/Mercury conjunction in the eclipse chart. Fire quite often accompanies earthquakes. But of course there is also the possibility that the danger is more from fire than from an earthquake! I am merely looking at this period as a critical time. The probability of earthquake activity seems higher, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it will be so. Certainly an expert opinion is welcome here!

    Mercury in combination with Saturn and Uranus has not been overlooked:

    (Mercury) …is separating from opposition to SEcl Saturn and applying to opposition (read conjunction) to SEcl. Uranus (20 Pisces). SIng. Mercury is also parallel to SIng. Uranus (2 deg) and contraparallel to SIng. Saturn.

    The conjunction and opposition are repeated as parallel and contraparallel which more or less like a conjunction by declination and opposition by declination. Mercury/Saturn oppositions and Mercury/Uranus conjunctions would seem to imply earthquake activity. Like you I am not an expert and would greatly appreciate clarification if this is not so! 🙂

    Thank you so much Caroline for your very thoughtful comment. I am more than happy to be corrected if I have overlooked something and above all welcome discussion on what is a most difficult but important topic. We need not be in agreement. We are all learning!


  3. >Maybe you might not have noticed that in this particular case I have i>ncluded Uranus?

    Hello Thomas :0)

    Nope! I am frantically polishing my spectacles and rubbing my eyes, but I still don’t see Uranus, Neptune or Pluto in either of the Solar Eclipse charts in the first part of the article!

    Maybe they haven’t been discovered yet? This is after all a 17th Century weblog isn’t it? 😉


  4. Hello Caroline!

    LOL. You mean, hrmm, you miss seeing them in the charts? The hamsters running my Lillyapple 1700 computer (the two treadmill version) went on strike after getting a whiff of them. So only the last chart, the solar ingress has them in gray, although the glyphs may even now be fading from the chart.


  5. Dear Readers,
    If you set the small conjunction chart (Mars/Saturn) for San Francisco 10 july 2008, 6:03 pm GMT you will find that the SM Moon at 25 Libra is smack on the Ascendant of the Solar Eclipse chart. square SEcl Mercury. The antiscion is at 4 Pisces which is the SIng. position of Mars and in opposition to the small conjunction of Mars/Saturn (5 Virgo). Ingress Saturn at 17 Virgo is conjunct the Small Conjunction Ascendant (19Virgo). This is not good.
    best regards,

    PS Yuzuru mentioned offline that the small conjunction may have some relevance for earthquake charts.

  6. I did some researches with friends from CieloeTerra, anyway I have not the exact quote, you should trust me 🙂
    According Rethorius eclipses at IC signifies earthquakes.

    And I agree with Yuzuru, Great Conjunctions in the Earth Trigon are earthquakes, and considering the next conjunction is the last before of the shift of triplicity, your reading could be not far from truth.


  7. opps, I was too quick in the reading of previous posts, I meant Jupiter- Saturn conjunction, not Mars-Saturn.
    Forgive me 🙂

  8. Hello Margherita!

    It happens to me all the time 🙂 No need to ask for forgiveness!
    Thank you for the Rhetorius quote:
    The symbology does seem to fit doesn’t it?


  9. Indeed it fits 🙂

    Anyway I have just booked Haephestio’s Apotelesmatics, book 1.
    There should be another reference to eclipses falling at IC there.

    Maybe someone has already the book and can check, I don’t know, the woman I asked gave me both references.

  10. Hello Margherita!


    I might add, considering that the next eclipse path will be across China, that the mundane charts can also be examined for earthquake activity…

    Please let us know if you find a reference in Haephesto.


  11. Waiting for Haephestio, from Angelicus 29:

    We can foresee these events in advance from the following signs:
    when in a sign we find the conjunction of three or four planets, like Saturn, Jupiter and Mars or Mars and Venus and Saturn and even Mercury and when they are in their own places or triplicities or exaltations and one of two of them are stationary or in heliacal or vespertine rising or when both boreal or austral, or when they change the signs each others (Caro?) so one is the other’s domicile.
    This is stronger when the Nodes are in signs signifying quakes, like the preceding parts of Taurus, and Pleiades, northen parts of Twins, the starting one of Cancer, the end of the Scorpio and his third facie and the first facie of Aquarius and the first of Pisces.


  12. >or when they change the signs each others (Caro?) so one is the >other’s domicile

    Good Afternoon Margherita :0)

    Perhaps I ought to change my name to CarO-Commutatio LOL?


  13. Hello TRJ,

    I am a bit apprehensive the closer the Moon comes to her perigee. The critical period will reach its apex then. I hope that people living in this region will take the necessary precautions and familiarize themselves with what to do in an emergency situation.

    Here is a link, one of many, that might be helpful. If one lives in a region with seismic activity it is good idea anyway to now and then refresh ones memory.

    best regards,

  14. Hello Dorothy,

    Now that Mercury is no longer in station I think it is possible to relax a little bit. Even so I urge all Californians and anyone living in regions of strong seismic activity to be prepared. Here is the link, once again to the “Dare to Prepare” site.


  15. Hi Thomas,

    I agree with you,. It is always best for those living in earthquake prone areas to be prepared. However, and I may be wrong about this, I don’t think that we in Northern California will have the ‘big one’ this year.

    Thank you for your always excellent work.


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