The Big California Quake?

Seismologists have predicted that within the next 30 years there is a 99% chance for the ‘Big Quake’ in California. (here is the link ) Is it possible to narrow this down a little bit, using unorthodox methods? That is what an astrological prediction would be. The article goes on to say:

The results of the UCERF study serve as a reminder that all Californians live in earthquake country and should be prepared. Although earthquakes cannot be prevented, the damage they do can be greatly reduced through prudent planning and preparedness.

Now my intention is not to awaken any feelings of doom, there are portents enough in other areas, and I don’t want to join the choir of doomsingers. What I would like to do is to ‘experimentally’ try astrological methods to try to answer the question of when. It is of course easy to erect a chart for a past event and analyse it. It is much more difficult for an event that may or may not happen withing the next 30 years. There are an awful lot of charts for an awful lot of places for this period of time. If the astrologically predicted event is before the year 2038, then it might give Californian procrastinators some incentive to make adequate preparations!

Questions of this sort belong to the realm of mundane astrology. But there are an awful number of charts that have to be looked at. The first problem is where to begin, to have a clue as to when to begin to look. A horary chart might be a good tool for this. So I asked the following question: “When will the “Big Quake” in California occur? (14 Nov. 2008 8:42 am 10e59, 49n28) Here is the chart:


As I am asking about a foreign country, I am not a US citizen, I look to the 9th house and its Lord. In this chart Leo is on the cusp of the 9th house and Virgo is intercepted. So L9 is the Sun. This seems to fit as California is known as the “Sunshine State”. An intercepted Virgo is also interesting, as Mercury, the ruler of Virgo, is also considered the ruler of earthquakes (winds in the earth). We also have Saturn in the 9th, which underlies the general mood of the question. Where is the Sun and where is Mercury and do they have any interaction? Both are cadent, in the 12th house or in the 4th house of the turned chart. Mercury is applying to conjunction with the Sun. I think we already have our answer. In a little more than 6 1/2 units of time an earthquake (Mercury) will hit (conjunct) California (the Sun). This could be 6 1/2 hours, weeks, months or years. The conjunction takes place in a fixed sign, slow, and a cadent or falling house, fast. This could be in 6 1/2 years, in the middle of May 2014, although it might be a good idea to look at what the mundane charts for May/June 2009 as well, 6 1/2 months.

I have only looked so far at solar eclipse charts for San Francisco, to make a beginning, there are plenty more that need to be explored, but if you compare the pre-quake solar eclipse for the 1906 San Francisco quake:


and the coming solar eclipse for 2009:


there are some elements that I find scary in these two charts. They are very similar. Now please, don’t get too excited yet, we haven’t looked at all the testimonies. There are still many more charts. But for a starter examine the above charts. Perhaps you might discover something that I haven’t yet mentioned. In the chart for 1906 (both charts are for San Francisco) all but one planet is above the earth. It is Jupiter, who disposits the eclipse. All others, except for Mars, which is in the 5th house, are clustered around the IC. The eclipse was at 4 Pisces. Saturn is at 5 Pisces and Mercury and Venus are at 6 Pisces. In the 2009 chart, there is a similar configuration. One planet is above the horizon. In this case Saturn, again the dispositor of the eclipse. Again there is a planet in the 5th house. This time Venus. The rest of the planets are clustered around the IC. Mars and Mercury are in conjunction at 22/24 Capricorn with Jupiter at 4 Aquarius and the Sun/Moon at 6 Aquarius.

The active reader may want to look at lunar eclipse charts, solar ingress charts, but also lunations and Mercury ingress charts, and he or she may also want to look at the outer planets as well. 😉 And if you are a resident of California you might have a vested interest in pursuing this question with more detail than I have done here. Consider the above charts a push in that direction. And please let me know what you come up with!

The 1906 San Francisco occured on 18 April 1906 at 5:12 am.

5 thoughts on “The Big California Quake?

  1. It’s a pity we can’t use Ptolemy method to give a time of the event.
    I have not idea about eclipses below the horizon. I’m sure some astrologers used them, for example Efestione, but I have not idea how 😦

  2. Good Morning Thomas :0)

    What a lovely chart! Thank you for putting it up Thomas, I love Horary 🙂

    It also would appear to be beautifully descriptive of the question with the Sun (Lord 9 of California), ‘besieged’ by the traditional significations for earthquakes Mercury & Mars.

    I see you are using the symbolic timing of when Mercury will transit the radical place of the Sun though, (six and a half degrees) whereas I usually prefer to take the time that the applying aspect actually perfects. Mercury will not conjoin the Sun until they have both changed signs at 3* Sagittarius, in eleven degrees time, and only after Mercury has first sextiled Jupiter and Saturn. This has left me scratching my head! 😦

    However, this unit of time is echoed by the Moon. She is very fast in motion and applying to square malefic Saturn in California’s own house, perfecting in 12 degrees time. But because of the nature of the question, and also the fact that Saturn is in the middle of five ongoing oppositions to violent, unstable and destructive Uranus, I think we can hasten the timing somewhat to 11 units when the Moon will first square Uranus.

    So whilst you look at the mundane charts for 2009, I will take a peek at the Solar Ingresses for 2019/20/21 tomorrow and see if I can put my rather new and extremely shaky ‘Astro-meteorology’ training to good use!

    Thanks for such an interesting chart! :0)


  3. ‘Morning Caroline!
    Yes, it is true that Mercury will sextile Jupiter and Saturn. This would in effect prohibit or weaken the event. The problem is we know that the event will happen! As the intention is to find a starting point, why not use it as it describes the event. But your suggestion of using the actual application is also worth looking into as are the aspects of the Moon.

    Yes, please do look at the 2012-2021 charts. I’m also printing out mundane charts by the bundle. LOL.


  4. > . . . The problem is we know that the event will happen! As the >intention is to find a starting point, why not use it as it describes the event.

    Hi Thomas,
    Yes, that puts it into perspective and takes care of ‘whatever else’ my happen first (i.e. earthquakes occurring elsewhere other than CA).

    I shall be up to my eyebrows in charts. You do like to keep me busy don’t you LOL! 🙂


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