Dr Nostuabuk: On Supremastrology

You have surely heard of the early 20th century art movement called suprematism, where a painting is reduced to the absolute essential? There is a far older branch of esoteric astrology known as supremastrology, that also has a similar approach. The chart is reduced to the absolute essentials.

Supremastrology, mind you, is for old souls and nothing to be messed around with. Fortunately there are a few who are advanced enough to practice this rarest form of astrology. The ability to emanate one’s own light is prerequisite for the title of “Astrologer Supreme” (Sup.A.). Young souls may add to their charts any number of planets, asteroids, and whatever other celestial flotsam they can find. There are plenty of other young souls who require what is beyond the essential. But there are ancient souls, such as myself and our revered Dame Detrimentia, who have reached the epitomy of essentiality, there are no planets left in our charts. Only the MC/IC and Asc/Desc. axis remain. This explains our superior knowledge and extreme longevity. That is why Dame Detrimentia can say that her solar return has moved to a point at infinity.

But, dear reader, there are signs that maybe you too are on your way to this supreme state. If, for example, you wake up in the morning and can’t remember your birthday, then that is a sure sign that your chart has begun emptying itself of its burden of planets. Then it is high time to visit a Supremastrologist, as only he or she is able to discover your true chart. (Thomas, is the Keeper of the addresses of this elite circle). Supremastrologist consultations are very expensive and very exclusive. But who isn’t willing to pay for knowing which planets have disappeared from their charts?

The sceptic might say, “But if you can’t remember your birthday then it isn’t possible to cast a chart!” But that is precisely why a supremastrology consultation is so expensive. Not to mention the horrendous cost of the nearly invisible ink, available only from the company Tailor’s Extraordinary™ (by appointment to his imperial majesty, the emperor), used to print out the charts.

4 thoughts on “Dr Nostuabuk: On Supremastrology

  1. My very dear Heironymous!

    Ungallant as it may be to mention the number of a Lady’s solar returns in public, I find it most gratifying that the ability to emanate my own light has at last been recognised. Let us face it dear Doctor, if we don’t twinkle ourselves, nobody else is going to twinkle for us! Kindly enrol me as a member of Supremeology immediately.

    I also applaud your promotion of Tailor’s Extraodinary invisible ink. Perhaps we absolute essentialists could form a ‘Supremastrology Internet List’ whereby all the contributions are submitted in Tailor’s invisible ink thus preserving for posterity the confidential nature of our esoteric posts? I think it would be a vast improvement on the raucous 16 pitch Times New Roman fonts in common use on other lists.

    Yours in very kind condescension,
    Detrimentia (Dame C.E.)

  2. “Only the MC/IC and Asc/Desc. axis remain. This explains our superior knowledge and extreme longevity.”

    O Master of the Path, know you not that the supra-ultimate form of astrological suprematism consists of formless invincible astrological ignorance?

    Ignorance of astrology is evidence of its mastership, which is why Geoffrey Dean is the Illuminatus of the Natus for the Age.

  3. Revered Detrimentia,

    That is what it is to become a star!

    ************>font not available at this time>*******************

    ever your Servant,
    Dr. Hiernoymous Nostuabuk Sup.A.

  4. Esteemed Andrew,

    There is a difference between having and empty chart, that requires no skill at all. It is emptying a chart that is so very difficult. There the supreme skill of the supremastrologist is required.

    There is also a difference from having an empty head to start with or having the potential for emptiness, there the master astrologer is called for, the supremastrology candidate, as he must potentize, as in a homeopathic preparation, all that he has learned, reducing it to seeming invisibility. Invincible astrological ignorance belongs by definition to the former condition, it is loud and echoes interminably. The later condition is silent and shines forth in its brilliance as in…***********************************************************
    ************>font not available at this time>*******************

    ever your Servant,
    Dr. Hiernoymous Nostuabuk Sup.A.

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