Riddle 19: Answer

The answer is ‘speculum’. A speculum has many uses. It can be used to tabulate: aspects, planetary positions, directions etc. The word is Latin for ‘mirror’. So a speculum reflects, in tabulated form, content from a chart or series of charts, so that the astrologer may have a clearer image of what is happening.

I am meant to be looked at,
like a reflection of a face.

This clue is about what a mirror does.

I am meant to be read,
like a book of accounts.

A book of accounts is in tabular form. So if you caught the first clue, and were wondering what is mirrored, you had a further clue.

I am meant to spread together,
what is spread out in time and space.

This clue is meant to introduce a bit of uncertainty. That is what makes a riddle fun. 🙂 Those who are certain of the answer will understand that another name for information in tabulated form is ‘spread-sheet’. So the information from the chart that is about both position and time (in directions for example) is organized on the sheet, spread together, so to speak.

Please do not conjecture,
nor hazard a guess.

To conjecture or guess or take hazards (as on the stock market) is to ‘speculate’.

Instead prepare a panel
to proclaim what I express.

The panel, is a clue for ‘table’. The table with all the notation in it, ‘proclaims’ what a speculum does.

I hoped you enjoyed the riddle. Be prepared for another one in the near future. There still are a few clues to ironed out in the next riddle. But you might, in the meantime, might want to look at the 19 (including the introductory riddle) other riddles at this site. Just choose ‘riddles’ in the Category button to the right. The answers have their separate category.

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