Riddle 19

I am meant to be looked at,
like a reflection of a face.

I am meant to be read,
like a book of accounts.

I am meant to spread together,
what is spread out in time and space.

Please do not conjecture,
nor hazard a guess.

Instead prepare a panel
to proclaim what I express.

7 thoughts on “Riddle 19

  1. I “saw” the answer before I “thought” about it; the words “reflection,” “accounts,” “spread,” and “panel” created the image of a speculum (a kind of astrological spreadsheet).

    I don’t usually respond to your riddles, Thomas, because I find that sometimes the words obscure the idea (or image) you wish to convey. But this one seemed crystal-clear to me, like a crystal ball, i.e., like a speculum!

    Of course, it helps to know what a speculum is, does it not? 🙂

  2. That’s the best way to solve a riddle. 🙂

    Some of the clues are meant to obscure so that if the riddle-solver is unsure of the answer, he can test it! If the image is crystal clear then none of the clues are obscure, they become another facet. This is I think how the alchemical masters went about writing their texts.

    And yes one needs to have come across the word speculum, which you will, in older texts and asked what the Latin meant!

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