Dr. Nostuabuk: Out of the Secret Annals of Astrology

On great insistence of that most delightful of Dames, Detrimentia, I have chosen to reveal one of the passages out of the Secret Annals of Astrology.

There are many entries in the Annals on cazimi, but here is one of the earliest, you might note that the idea of peregrine also enters the story:

Once upon a not so long ago, in the reign of the despotic king Kazaam the Terrible, there was an astrologer who was very unhappy about his position and who was not at all delighted to see one courtier after the other wander into the fires that were the king’s favorite form of entertainment. The astrologer knew, that he should not have accepted the position, even though the election horoscope for the position, erected by the venerable astrologer, Bo the Natty (Bo being the shortened form of Bonifacius and Natty of Nattifluccilaccimellifellicium) had his Significator exactly conjunct the Sun, which represented the king). After nervously considering the primary directions in his chart, which showed a close encounter with the fiery element, he decided to pre-empt a decree of the king that just might lead to being kissed by the flames. He mustered his courage and at the next audience spoke with the king:

Oh, Kazaam the Terrible, Keeper of the Flame, Master of all the World before You, please hear the Judgement of the Celestial Cohorts otherwise known as the Stars. The chart I show you, was cast by the inestimable Bo the Natty, master astrologer, one exceeding me in wisdom. It shows me in your very heart. If I am to enter the flames that so delight you, then I must go into them with your Munificence. This is known as Cazimi, which is an ancient name for Kazaam. Now if it please your Terrible Highness, this next chart shows my most humble future. Alas, all of the planets are peregrine, which means I must go on a long and dismal pilgrimage on your behalf, to maintain the favour of the Celestial Cohorts. The all-wise Bo must take my place. I shall of course write postcards from Hyposycamus, Sunsetchatopolis, Gryphonia, Altara, Apostelesmata, Scyscriptiona, and all the other sites of celestial wisdom. Bo will be delighted beyond his dreams to serve such Flamboyance as yourself.

4 thoughts on “Dr. Nostuabuk: Out of the Secret Annals of Astrology

  1. > Bo will be delighted beyond his dreams to serve such Flamboyance as yourself.. . .

    . . . . . and so it proved! With Bo the Natty henceforth known as Bo the flambé?


  2. My Dear Dr. Nostuabuk,

    Delighted to hear from you so I thought I’d send a postcard from Sunsetchatopolis VIA the good Sir Arthyr who has so generously loaned me a scroll and sharp stick with which to write.

    Unfortunately, you see my dear friend, I too am in a difficult quest in search for the elusive state called “saving my hide” from the last employer who had similar pleasures regarding Flambe`D’Astrolog.

    Nevertheless, thank you for thinking of me in your stressful times, we always did have fun setting each other up while attending Scribe U. . .

    Bo, The Natty

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