Ebenezer Sibley’s Horary Charts

Ebenezer Sibley (1751-1799) is not on the list of well known astrologers. He wrote a a four volume book called; “A New and Complete Illustration of the Celestial Science of Astrology – or the Art of foretelling future Events and Contingencies, by the Aspects, Positions and Influences of the Heavenly Bodies, founded on Natural Philosophy, Scripture, Reason and the Mathematics”. The first volume was published in 1784.

The worked horary charts in the book are particularly interesting. Some of the charts are very exemplary as is the following one on pregnancy.

The querant asked if she should have children?

Before giving Sibley’s answer I would like to give an independent judgement.
Here are the major testimonies:
Ruler of the Ascendant, Significatrix of the Querant is Venus. Venus is in exaltation in fertile Pisces in the 5th house of children, also with Pisces on the cusp. The Moon is also in the 5th house applying sextile to Jupiter, Lord of the 5th house, and then to conjunction with Venus. Venus is also conjunct the North Node, which shows tremendous increase.

So the answer is yes, and plenty!

This is what Sibley has to say about the chart:

“No position of the planets, perhaps, could be more favourable to the desires of the querent, than those of the above scheme. As Libra rises upon the ascendant, Venus is lady thereof, and significatrix of the querent; and being posited in the fifth house, in her exaltation, having the fruitful sign Pisces upon the cusp thereof, is one infallible proof that the querent will have children. The Moon, which is the author of all radical moisture, is separating from the conjunction of the Sun, the author of all vital spirit, and applies to a sextile aspect of Jupiter, a benevolent and prolific planet, and thence forms a conjunction with Venus, the querent’s significator; and t hen applies to her fortunate node. Frome these considerations I hesitated not a moment to inform the querent that she would be the mother of a large and numerous offspring. This is declared by the position of Venus in the fifth house, which gives three children; and, being lady of t he ascendant, in conjunction with the Dragon’s Head, or fortunate node of the Moon, gives three more. The Moon, being likewise in conjunction with them, adds three more, and makes the number nine. And, as these configurations are all posited in the double-bodied fruitful sign Pisces, it doubles the number, and declares there shall be eighteen children. The judgement is strengthened by Jupiter’s sextile aspect with the above significators, and thereby adds two more to the number, which induced me to inform the lady that she would in all probability be the mother of twenty children.” (pp. 351-352)


By the way, you may find a digital version of this work at:
Make sure you have a fairly fast internet connection as it is huge (196 MB)

11 thoughts on “Ebenezer Sibley’s Horary Charts

  1. Hello Christine,

    Yes this is a wonderful chart! I would have ventured at five children. I had to think of the Mother Goose rhyme of the woman who lived in a shoe…

  2. Hmmm!

    Perhaps she couldn’t cross her legs with that Mars/Saturn conjunction in Capricorn afflicting fallen Jupiter Lord 5?

    Nice chart thought Thomas and thanks for the link :0))


  3. Hello Caroline,

    It is an amazing chart. I have included it here as there have been a few example charts here at Altair Astrology that have dealt with birth and preganancy. I was also amazed at twenty. But this was at the end of the 18th century and there were other ideas about what plenty of children meant!


  4. >Thomas: . . I had to think of the Mother Goose rhyme of the woman who lived in a shoe…

    ~~ CarO ~~ Yes! “There once was a woman who lived in a shoe, had so many children, she didn’t know WHAT to do!” 🙂

    LOL! I have only just grasped your wonderful Piscean allusion to that crowded 5th house Thomas! 🙂

    At first glance I thought this chart was a clear example of “Be careful what you wish for, for surely you will get it”, but on a second look I see that Mars will be received into his exaltation by Saturn in domicile, and so the hard work and responsibility that 20 children must bring would surely be welcomed and enjoyed by the Querent.


  5. P.S.

    But not perhaps by the children themselves? Lord 5 Jupiter in fall and conjunct Mars-Saturn would have been bullied unmercifully wouldn’t they?

    Um 😦

  6. Hello Caroline,
    Nice that you noticed the Piscean allusion 🙂
    Sibley never mentioned in a later edition how many children the querant had, at least up to that time, she should at least have had 10 by then!!

  7. Hi Thomas,

    Thank you for this, and…just, wow. I wonder what you make of the fact that the 5th house is ruled by Jupiter in its fall?

    My first thought was, “yes, she’ll have lots of children, but it won’t necessarily be good for her,” as Lord 5 in fall afflicts the Moon by reception.


  8. Hello Nina,

    You are very welcome.

    I suppose the querant most likely got more than she wished for! Even 7 children that come to maturity can be a handful, I am sure. 🙂


  9. Hello Ladies and gentlemen,

    Sometimes an easy chart falls our way doesn’t it?

    My thinking was she would have at least three children:
    one very rambunctious military type, a second that would recourse to intense study in the sciences and a third that would seek religious studies.

    However, Christine, I too wondered about her response
    after her fainting spell 🙂

    A fun read. . .

    Sir Arthyr
    Your humble servant

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