A Case of Hypsomata or The Disappearance of Aggie

Dear Dame Detrimentia,

I am very worried. My friend Aggie Raphobia is acting most peculiar. Whenever I go to visit her Aggie hides behind her curtains and refuses to answer the doorbell. She says she is frightened to see me whilst her Moon is at 3 degrees Taurus, but her husband says she is a hypsomaniac. What should I do?




Dear Worried,

I fear your friend could indeed be a hypsomaniac, which is a psychologically infectious condition caught by proximity to a light or planet which is in hypsomata, symptoms of which include hiding behind curtains. Aggie’s Moon appears to be hypsomaniacal by progression, and therefore highly contagious being in the degree of the Moon’s exaltation, which is exactly the degree of her heliacal rising when separating from the Sun’s degree of exaltation of 19 Aries.

Hypsomata literally means ‘hiding places of the planets’ and its symptoms in patients most obvious when a planet is in those degrees of the zodiac between when it becomes invisible and visible once more when in heliacal setting and rising with the Sun. Because these degrees were at one time (in 786-785 BC) considered the degree of a planet’s exaltation it is an extremely inflammatory condition and the only way to avoid hypsomania yourself is to make sure that none of your personal planets will disappear into the Sun’s rays by progression or profection when you go to visit Aggie.

Recovery from hypsomata requires a great deal of extremely expensive counselling from a personage such as my egregious self. Kindly put my contact details through her letter-box. Alternatively, she could wear a mask.

Exaltedly yours,

Dame Detrimentia C.E.
(Caroline Allen)

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