Horary: Is Tibet Part of China?

Is Tibet part of China?, that was a horary question that I recently asked, just to have a basis for gaining some understanding of the conflict. I have been looking more closely at various mundane charts for China over the last few months, as the path of the solar eclipse in 2008 and 2009 passes over China. (In 2009 it is completely over China). Although anything that might be written here might be interpreted as political, that is not the main reason for dealing with this highly volatile current topic. I think it is more important to understand the underlying issues and why not use astrology to help form a picture of the situation? First the chart:

As I am asking about a foreign country I look to the 9th house and its Lord. Pisces is on the cusp of the 9th house with Jupiter, its Lord in Capricorn, hovering just before the 7th house cusp. The People’s Republic of China is a huge country, so Jupiter as Significator fits. At the moment Tibet is considered an autonomous province of the People’s Republic. If you look at any map this seems to be the consensus. So which planet represents Tibet? There must be one. The 9th house includes the first two degrees of Aries, and as Tibet is considered politically to be part of China then Mars must be its Significator. As the 9th house is 27 degrees ‘long’ this would mean that Tibet is 7% part of China. I haven’t calculated this in terms of landmass. If looked at figuratively than when a region is ‘part’ of a country, one would expect 30-50%, so the 7% can be interpreted as being administrative. If Mars had been in the 9th house the answer would have been a definitive yes.

How do the two Significator’s interact with another? What are the receptions? Both Jupiter and Mars are in Fall. Neither is in the best condition. Interestingly enough they are in mutual exaltation! They are also in opposition to one another, which explains the conflict.

Now the real riddle, and the reason I am posting this article, is the mutual exaltation between the significators! Under present conditions why should they exalt one another? I’ve tried to explain this to myself by saying that culturally both have much in common. If you think about it, China was ruled for centuries by a Son of Heaven, and the Dalai Lama has a similar role. I think that the mutual reception by exaltation is in terms of traditional culture. I am no expert but it seems that there were centuries of mutual respect or at least diplomatic understanding. Now there is conflict and as the opposition to Jupiter is still applying it will increase. With Mars in the 12th house the implication is that he and what he signifies is held captive. Cadency and being in fall only aggravates the condition. And being Mars, he does not accept this in a docile manner.

There is no longer a Son of Heaven in China, as it is a People’s Republic. An emperor is the last thing that is wished for. Such a thing is considered a relic of the past. There has also been a cultural revolution where most of traditional Chinese culture has been uprooted. So the China that Tibet is in conflict with is the China of the cultural revolution and its aftermath. The Dalai Lama represents a set of diametrically opposite values. Values that have been rejected and are unacceptable. To recognize them would be to question some of the current values and would also likely cause others to question them, which in turn could bring destabilization. This is a real quandary for a China where modernism is important and where recognition from the rest of the world is sought. A more traditional China would most likely never have contemplated importing something so foreign as the Olympics. This is not to say that it is wrong, every country in the world must change, nothing stands still, and if we look at the world situation there is more conflict than there is harmony. If for example the Dalai Lama was reinstated that doesn’t mean Tibet could return to how it was in the 1950’s and it certainly wouldn’t turn into paradise. Most likely he would not be able to rule as theo-arch, if after initial jubilation there was hunger and poverty. Discontent would be sure to follow.

So, is Tibet part of China? Yes and no. Politically, yes. The People’s Republic considers it an autonomous region but still under its hegemony, and there is no nation that officially recognizes Tibet as politically independant. This I think is the 7%. For Tibetans, Tibet is occupied territory, it is held captive, as the position of Mars in the 12th house shows.

Dear reader, as you can see, the chart has given me a basis for understanding the situation, which was the motive of my question, but it hasn’t given me a conclusive answer. But then a horary chart also has limits and for an even deeper understanding one would have to refer to the mundane charts, that includes the various Grand Conjunction charts leading up to the founding of the People’s Republic as well as those of the annexation of Tibet. Then there are various solar eclipse charts, Ingress charts, charts for the founding of the communist party, for the enthronement and exile of the Dalai Lama and so on. This is a complex question.

2 thoughts on “Horary: Is Tibet Part of China?

  1. Dear Thomas

    What an interesting question!

    What do you make of the Moon’s role in this horary?

    The Moon is applying to Mars (Tibet) where she receives him into his detriment by square. She then translates the light of Mars to Jupiter (China) where she is in turn received into her detriment!

    Although there is a mutual reception by exaltation between Mars and Jupiter, the mixed reception by rulership and detriment between the Moon and Mars does make me wonder how the ‘populace’ will influence the course of events.


  2. Hello CarO,

    I didn’t want to complicate the article any further, and so didn’t mention the Moon. But it isn’t at all surprising that the Moon is Lord of the turned 5th house of games…

    …and being in the natural 4th house of beginnings and endings acts as a catalyst, particularly since she is also almost at the midpoint between Mars and Jupiter. The annual solar eclipse is on the 1st of August. The Games begin on the 8th.

    7 degrees is a long way in a horary chart but maybe once Mars reaches the Ascendant, a real though extremely uncomfortable dialogue between both parties might finally arise. Once out of the 12th house Mars would be seen as an opponent who is treated with on the same diplomatic level and not one who is dictated to, as is the case with the 12th house position.

    Thank you CarO for bringing this up!


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