Whither the Weather: Judging a Horary Chart (2)


Let us work through the testimonies:

  • Vienna is in a foreign country. Look to the 9th house. Capricorn a cold and dry sign is on the cusp. This is a testimony that the weather will be cold and no rain.
  • Lord 9, Saturn is in Virgo in the 5th house. Virgo is cold and dry. It was a pleasure trip. No business. So it is not surprising that L9 is in the 5th house or that the Moon is also placed in this house. Cold and dry? This is the second testimony for cold weather and no rain.
  • Saturn separating from trine to Jupiter in Capricorn. Jupiter is in this context rain. Here he is in a cold and dry sign and Saturn is moving away from him. No rain.
  • the Sun is conjunct the MC at 6 Aquarius. Aquarius is a warm and moist sign. The Sun so dominant means exactly that. Sunny. But Sun in Aquarius is a weak Sun and in a warm and moist sign. So Sun with some clouds.
  • Moon applying trine to the Sun from the 5th house. The Moon is also in a warm and moist sign. So this supports the above testimony.

I judged that there would be no rain. It would be cool winter weather with some cloud but the sun would also be visible.

What was the weather like?

  • Saturday afternoon, when I arrived it was cloudy but dry. Also windy.
  • Sunday was mostly clear. Very sunny. Windy during the day. At night the wind subsided.
  • Monday there was some cloud but mostly sunny. Also windy during the day.
  • Tuesday, the last day of the visit was the same as Monday. Also some wind.

So my judgement came close enough. In fact it was better than the forecasts of two days and one day before my journey. Only one forecast predicted sunny weather for Sunday, to revise it on the next day to cloudy. What I did overlook was the wind. But looking at the chart with hindsight this is obvious. There are testimonies of wind all over the chart. Asc and MC are air signs. L1, Mercury is also in the 10th house, approaching but not reaching the North Node (Mercury was almost in station). Had Mercury conjuncted NN it might have been a very strong wind. Moon in an air sign in trine to the Sun.

How did you do’?


3 thoughts on “Whither the Weather: Judging a Horary Chart (2)

  1. Hi Thomas

    Lord 1 Mercury also disposits Saturn Lord 9.

    So I wonder if it is over-egging the pudding to say that the frustration of the Mercury/Mars trine was illustrative of the ‘windy weather’?

    Just a thought.

  2. Hi CarO,

    That is a thought! At the time the only thing that interested me was whether there would be rain! It only occurred to me that wind might be important when I constantly had to hold my hat on my head! 🙂


    • Here’s my thought you’re part of Fortune aka Earthly location and domain is in the 10th house with sun and Mercury who is technically the chart ruler who is conjunct the POF which is conjunct sun above the horizon close to the most seen part of horizon. All are found in aquarius which is an air sign. The Moon is found in Virgo so there will be humidity overnight causing cloud coverage but it is also held on to during the day by rahu which is approaching Pisces which would be almost a definition of clouds when it comes to weather as far as high water. But hindsight is 20/20. The part of Fortune, chart ruler, and sun close to MC and those conjunctions couple with moons placement and the signs associated along with possible uranus location if making any major aspects would be my judgements. Thank you for the exploration and proposed senario.

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