Whither the Weather: Judging a Horary Chart (1)

Before visiting Vienna from the 2nd-5th of February
I set a horary chart with the question,
“What will the weather be like in Vienna during my visit?”
My intention was to compare the horary chart with the weather forecast a day before my visit and the actual weather during the visit. The three day forecast varied, depending where I looked. Most agreed that it would be cloudy and that rain or snow would be likely. Only one of the forecasts predicted at least one day of clear sunny weather. So let us look at the chart:


I’m going to give some of the testimonies that I used to judge the chart and in “Whither the Weather: Judging a Horary Chart (2)” my answer and what happened. So, give it a try. No peeking! 🙂

  • Vienna is in a foreign country. Look to the 9th house. Capricorn a cold and dry sign is on the cusp.
  • Lord 9, Saturn is in Virgo in the 5th house. Virgo is cold and dry.
  • Saturn separating from trine to Jupiter in Capricorn.
  • the Sun is conjunct the MC at 6 Aquarius. Aquarius is a warm and moist sign.
  • Moon at 6 Libra trine to the Sun from the 5th house.

Those were the major testimonies. What would you have judged?


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