Now that is a headline close to any astrologers heart. The astrological community is abuzz with the promise of havoc wrought to communication while the rest of the world smiles mildly at this collective madness, never wondering why that package hasn’t arrived yet or where that misplaced document is. Even now dozens of articles on Mercury R. are appearing on the web. Now if that isn’t proof that Mercury rules astrology and astrologers what is! Does anyone get excited when Uranus goes retrograde?

It is an unofficial holiday. An excuse at last to leave all that irritating post in the “in”-box to itself and devote oneself to really important things, like looking back and reflecting. Everyone will nod with sympathy when you later tell them Mercury was retrograde. The naughty thing!

Have you ever wondered about the fascination that astrology holds? Because looked at with modern scientific method, astrology is rubbish, some form of superstitious atavism. Why should the inhabitants of a tiny planet in an insignificant solar system in one of millions of galaxies be influenced by the motion of other planetary masses, whether gas giant or asteroid pocked dwarf? Isn’t that somehow irrational? Why should astrology interest you?

Long ago, when I was young, I wanted to know more about myself, and having already distanced myself from religion, as many modern adolescents learn to do, I sought an alternative. And I found it. Astrology. With it I could dip into that inexhaustible Fountain of Delight, “ME”. And I always had a conversational opening, as who can resist when you talk about “HER” or “HIM”? There were ever so many archetypes to explore and every Pluto/Uranus/Neptune transit to my natal chart was awaited with expectation and not a little apprehension. Only much later did I begin to question astrology. Where are its roots? Does it really work? How? It soon became apparent that astrology cannot be explained with modern science. It can only be explained with a solid understanding of the ancient cosmologies out of which it arose. It also became clear why only “ME” is available to most modern astrologers. For what happens when the macrocosm, is cut away from the microcosm? The microcosm is left to itself.

Interestingly enough, it is that most ephemeral of astrologies, horary astrology, that provided a key into a deeper insight into just how intricately macro- and microcosm are woven together. It was no longer necessary to occupy myself with the complexities of the psychology of my own person or that of another. I learnt – and am still learning – to judge a chart by focusing on only one question and am in fact constantly being taught by the charts I meet. From there it is possible to appreciate the bigger picture in more complicated issues. Analogy, Image and Structure come together in the most surprising manner! You only have to read:

to understand why. Enjoy yourself. And while you are at it, have you backed up your computer?


  1. . . . And while you are at it, have you backed up your computer?

    Eeeeeeeek! No! panic panic scrabble scrabble!! Did do . . . phew!

    Thanks for the reminder Thomas – and the article :0)


  2. OraC read,
    Doog ot reah ti. My the strangest things can happen. oD ouy inkth atth it is Mercyru egotrader? Or just me being playful! Glad you did that backup. Ouy verne nowk. What is it with the keyrobard!…………………

  3. Dear CarO,

    Let us retrograde to the last comment. In case it wasn’t readable enough. 🙂

    Dear CarO,
    Good to hear it. My, the strangest things can happen. Do you think that it is Mercury retrograde? Or just me being playful! Glad you did that backup. You never know. What is it with the keyboard!


    retrogradingly yours,

  4. ‘Noonretfa Samoht

    Dna ton ylno did I dnatsrednu uoy, tub I kniht eht eman ‘Egotrader’ si a yltcefrep didnelps eman rof esoht sregolortsa fo eht lacigolohcysp noisausrep! Eeh! Eeh!

    OraC Rx

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