Looking for an Answer

Most of the articles at Altair Astrology seem to be of a purely theoretical nature. But the practical side is also important. Both compliment the other. In this article I would like to present you with the opportunity to hone down your astrological skills with the aid of a horary chart.

The question was:
“Is my daughter pregnant?”


Now for the “traditional” astrologer the answer is immediately clear. Take a few moments and look at this chart, before reading on.

If the answer isn’t obvious to you then you might have to ask yourself a few questions on how you do astrology.

  • Did you examine all of the planets?
  • Did you look at all of the aspects they make to each other?
  • Did you wonder what the querant’s relationship to his/her daughter is and what the motivation for the question was?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then it can safely be said that you are unaware of what a “traditional” approach to a horary chart is. You see one of the major stumbling blocks in understanding traditional astrology is that most people who begin to seriously look at astrology begin with natal astrology. This is very much in accord with the modern western interest in the individual personality. This can also become a problem for those who have had more exposure to traditional astrology, because they have already developed a few habits that are very hard to get rid of. One of these is bringing a, shall we call it, natal approach to a horary chart.

First of all there is only one planet in this chart that interests us and that is Jupiter. Although the Moon is often important in a horary chart, because it shows the development of a situation, it is not important here. The question is one of condition and not one about a developing situation as such. The semantics of a question are very important. It is often a temptation to read more into a question, which is the first step towards complexity and a possible misreading of the chart. Why Jupiter? Jupiter is the Lord of the 5th house of children and also the 9th house (child of querant’s child). The Sun, Lord of the first house can be ignored as the question is not about the querant and we are not interested what the querant thinks about their own daughter – again that is not part of the question. The Moon can also be ignored because we are not interested in how the pregnancy will develop as this condition has not yet been established! If we have only one planet then there is no need to look for aspects. In fact it is more important to look at the condition and position of Jupiter, the Significator of the child. Jupiter is in his domicile. That means he has strong essential dignity. He is strong and in good condition. He is in his own sign, Sagittarius and in this chart also in his own house, the 5th. The child is in the child. This is a perfect picture of the daughter’s pregnancy. She is with child. It is healthy. The question has been answered. In this chart we can see how long the daughter has been pregnant and also the sex of the child, but the querant need not be told this. After all our only intention is to answer the question and not to impress the querant with our far-seeing wisdom! It is however very likely that the question about the sex of the child arises immediately. If it is asked we are able to provide the answer.

If you are looking for a good book on Horary astrology, try John Frawley’s The Horary Textbook. Highly recommended.

4 thoughts on “Looking for an Answer

  1. Dear Thomas

    That is a perfect example of emplacement of the baby in the mother’s tummy! Thank you very much. I passed with flying colours

    How would you determine the sex of the child?

    I recently got the sex of my unborn nephew badly wrong by following the rules stipulated by Lilly on page 231 of Christian Astrology. This worried me until I recently discovered ‘Pars de Conceptione’ the Arabic Part of “As to whether expected birth of male or female.”

    Robert Zoller says that this is taken by day from the lord of the house of the Moon projected from the ascendant; if it falls in a masculine sign, the it will be a boy and if in a feminine sign, then the child will be a girl. But Zoller says the text is incomplete by not giving the full formula.

    I then discovered the same Part in Al Biruni’s ‘Book of Instruction in the Elements of the Art of Astrology’ under the 5th house, where the formula is given as:

    Ascendant + Lord of the house of the Moon – the Moon by day (reverse by night) but there has been a correction to the manuscript reversing the formula. I do not know who made the correction, but by using the corrected formula for a day chart of:

    Ascendant + the Moon – the Lord of the house of the Moon

    It produced the Sun in Leo, the correct sex for my unborn nephew!

    So I will see if it works on your chart :0)

    Using the ‘corrected’ sum, the reversed formula for a night chart would be:

    Ascendant + the Lord of the house of the Moon – the Moon

    134* 50’ Leo + 205* 27’ – 191* 04 = 149* 13’ (29* 13 Leo) = A boy!

    I see that the question was asked on 6th November 2007, and so presumably it is still too early to tell? Or has the baby been born yet?

    I should be interested to see if this ‘Pars de Conceptione’ works better than my attempt at Lilly’s method! My reputation as an astrologer within my family took a nose dive when I had predicted a girl and an 8lb 4oz boy arrived!

    Best Fishes

  2. Dear Caroline,

    Well of course you passed with flying colours! 🙂

    The testimonies for the sex of the child are:
    • the angles are all masculine signs
    • the cusp of the 5th house is masculine
    • the Significator is in a masculine sign
    • the Significator is a masculine planet

    This is probably sufficient for more detail there is also the following testimony:
    • the Moon is separating from a trine to Mars, a masculine planet and applying sextile to Jupiter, also masculine

    so your calculation of the Pars Conceptionae is yet a further testimony for a boy.

    The child has not been born yet. I will be informed when the time comes!

    best wishes,

  3. Hmmmmm! I’m still not convinced Thomas.

    I notice that you didn’t use the ‘turned’ 5th cusp, but used the radical 5th cusp above. Why was that?

    I used the turned houses for my chart, but even if I use the radical houses I still end up with 1 testimony for a male child, 3 for a female child, and the Moon going from Saturn to Venus a female planet, so that is 4 for a girl and 1 for a boy. And we got a very large noisy boy!

    The question was very similar to yours in that it was a man asking about his daughter’s unborn child. I’ll give you the data:

    “What sex will my grandchild be?”
    11:20 amUT
    28th October 2007
    50N38 003W20

    Ascendant 22*15’ Sagittarius
    Hour of Jupiter so the chart is radical.

    Maybe this is just a question of a ‘turned’ chart not being as efficacious as a radical chart? What do you think?


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