Dame Detrimentia C.E.: A Case of Animodar

Dear Dame Detrimentia,

I recently applied Ptolemy’s Animodar to my chart and now I can’t get it
off again. I’ve tried everything from lotions to chisels. I don’t want
to damage it. Please, please tell me what to do.
Anxious in Anatolia


My Poor Rupert

Now, how could you have been so careless with your chart? I have warned my readers time and again against the indelibility of a wrongly applied Animodar, especially if it is rectified to a fixed sign! Did you apply the pre-natal syzygy correctly? I have seen the most disastrously entangled Animodars resulting from incorrectly applied syzygys. And tsk! Looking at your miserable chart Rupert, I can see both why you want to rectify it, and also where you went wrong! You have an erroneously applied Lord of the pre-natal Syzygy entwined around your shaft. No wonder you are all so anxious over there in Anatolia!

No amount of lotions and chisels will eradicate an erroneously applied pre-natal Syzygy Lord; what you need to do is carefully separate the yolk from the white of the Syzygy before unraveling it from the spindle shaft underneath the chart. (N.B.This should be done against the diurnal motion).

Was your natal chart preceded by a New Moon or a Full Moon? If new then you should have taken the planet which has the most essential dignity at the New Moon, but if full then you should have taken that planet which has the most essential dignity in the degree of the light above the earth. I can see that you applied the Full Moon as there are feathers in the Syzygy yolk and these have got trapped in the spindle’s whorl. Yuk!

Right, now that we have inserted the correct Syzygy Lord into the spindle shaft and de-yolked the whorl, we can continue. According to my dear friend William Lilly, who although a man of the people, rubbed shoulders with the likes of the great and mighty such as myself, you should now take the zodiacal position of the Lord of the pre-natal syzygy and then consider whether that degree is nearer to your own natal MC or Ascendant. If the Lord is near your natal MC then you should rectify your natal MC to the degree of the Lord of the Syzygy, and then very quickly discover the natal ascendant from a table of houses for your birth latitude before it disappears over the horizon. But if the Lord is nearer to the Ascendant, then you must reverse this formula and alter the natal Ascendant to fit with the Lord of the Syzygy and then discover the natal MC from that same table of houses. See? Simple when you know how, or are as clever as me!

You my dear Rupert have the Lord of the Syzygy on the midpoint of the Asc/MC and so your computer software has thrown up a chart resembling a piece of crochet with 8 separate Ascendants and MC’s all at 45 degrees from each other and 78 different Animodars. No wonder your chart is in gridlock. And what’s more I can smell omelet and burnt feathers!

I think the best thing you can do under the circumstances is to pull the spindle out from underneath the centre of the chart, let the planets all collapse onto their antiscia , and then go and ask that nice Arabian Part of Rectification to stick you some nice new planet pegs onto the chart perimeter to reset your whole chart back to the default option.

I hope this helps?

Dame Detrimentia (from a Superior Position)
(Caroline Allen)

9 thoughts on “Dame Detrimentia C.E.: A Case of Animodar

  1. Dear Dame Detrimentia

    I am following your advice with interest as I too have a similar problem, but I can’t find the yolk of my pre-natal Syzygy. Would this be because it was in a barren sign and therefore my chart is infertile?

    Desperately yours

  2. My dear Lucretia

    Alas, this could be the cause!

    Perhaps the best thing to do under the circumstances is to rectify your chart so that your pre-natal syzygy falls into a fruitful sign, preferably the bi-corporeal Pisces, for then you might get a double-yoked Lunation!

    I hope this helps.

    Lunatically yours,
    Dame Detrimentia (C.E.)

  3. Madam du Detrimentia,

    Wow, so THAT’S the feathers part. . .I searched the Arabic parts in vain for the Part of Feathers. . . not once mind you, did I even think of pulling my peg. . .

    With a full moon wreckted Armadillo, this information has greatly liberated my mind for feats of mental gymnastics that will undoubtedly challenge even your wisdom some day. . . if I may approach the bench . . . your honor.

    With great respect,
    Sir Arthyr
    (a good friend of Sir Cumvent)

    Ptolemy, the Animodar inspector, once said:
    “A plateau is a high form of flattery.”

  4. My dear Sir Arthyr

    The Arabic Part of Feathers is easily obtained from my very good friend Al Biruni. Dearest Al gives rulership of chickens to the Moon; and feathers to Saturn. (Book of Instruction in the Elements of the Art of Astrology) in paragraphs 419 – 422 and ergo:

    The Arabic Part of Feathers = The Ascendant + the Moon – Saturn

    Give my kind regards to Sir Cumvent, and tell him that both he and Sir Cumference are most graciously welcome on my column at any time.

    Invariably yours,

    Detrimentia (Dame C.E.) from the Invariable Plane

  5. Dear Sir Arthyr

    My afflicted scribe inadvertently gave you the Arabic Part of Plucked Chickens and not the Arabic Part of Feathers!

    The correct calculation should of course be:

    The Ascendant + Saturn – the Moon

    Because . this of course shows where the feathers (Saturn) would be placed should the plucked chicken (the Moon) be sitting on the ascendant.

    Asthmatically yours,
    Detrimentia (Dame C.E.)

  6. Madam,

    The plucked chicken lies exactly 24 degrees Virgo.

    Now this becomes rather important as many past friendships
    would stop by the house and ask mer to fry chicken for them.
    The scientific approach (Virgo) to frying said chicken is always in the recipe and I feel the information you have presented is well worth the ink!

    And yes, as the feathers (Saturn) are located in Taurus I always managed to sell them as pillows.

    Truly, you are the Damsel of Detrimentia and should be canonized for such a wealth of knowledge and having such knowledgeable friends. Thank you for delivering me from my Cimmerian state.

    In awe,
    Sir Arthyr

  7. I have ever found the Part of Pluckéd Chickenes to be of use onlye if ye Ascendant is an earthe signe and the Moon is in an aire sign. Derectifyeing a charte withe a contentiouse Animodar is a very seriouse probleme thate neophyte astrologers maye encounter, and so ye arabiane parte of Rectification is verye importante as Dame Detrimentia has so wisely pointed out. Ande yes Sir Arthyr perhaps she should be recommended for this yeares Urania Award?

    your Servant & co.

  8. My dear Sir Arthyr and Wm.

    How kind of you both to recognize my undoubted, undisputed and highly acclaimed genius, and yes I believe there are still a few spare Arabic Parts of Rectification left which are discovered as follows:

    Take your given time of birth and cast the Arabic Part of ‘Information True or Not’ which is according to dear Al Biruni:

    Ascendant + the Moon – Mercury (change at night)

    This determines the zodiacal position of the part. If the part and its dispositor fall in angular houses and in fixed signs then the chart is correctly calculated and it is true that you have been born.

    If however the dispositor falls in a cadent house and a cardinal or a common sign, then I am afraid you will have to cancel both your chart and your life, and start again.

    One tip to note when choosing a fresh incarnation with a radical chart is to always make sure that the Lord of the Hour matches Hour Lord of the Ascendant. This can avoid a lot of trouble should you wish to join a horary internet mailing list.

    Yours from the Zenith plateau,
    Dame Detrimentia (C.E.)

  9. Dame Detrimentia,
    Well, speaking of feathers, I see you have placed a few in your own bonnet, , , more talk like that and your bonnet will look more like an American Indian’s Chieftain’s head-dress!!

    Well, I must admit, after following your expert directions, I have found that my day of birth was canceled from a lack of interest. Hmm, this calls for some serious introspection.

    It’s ironic that the firePLACE. . . is left standing after a house has burned down.


    Most dearely thankeful for ye sinceer note about ye’olde contentiouse Animodar. ‘Tis the trueth ye speeke and with charming wit as well. . .ye arabiane parte of Rectification is verye importante indeed and I doe feel the importance of you’re recommendatione that Dame Detrimentia be recommended for this yeares Urania Awarde!

    Yours in service, M’Lord,
    Sir Arthyr

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