Dr. Nostuabuk: on the Three Sisters

Warning: If you read this you may lose a few planets. (the editor) You may not miss them. (the editor)

Who are the three sisters? You’ve guessed. Those planets that are commonly called Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. Now it is time for me to tell All. The names got confused. Their real names are Deino (dread), Porphredo (alarm), and Enyo (horror). They are the Graeae. All these years so many astrologers have been mislead.

Now the three sisters live in a cave which neither the light of the
Sun nor the Moon reaches. They share one eye and one tooth between them.

From a modern standpoint this describes their situation accurately. They are so far out in the solar system that the light of the Sun barely reaches them. The Moon’s light is likely not visible at all. From the traditional standpoint they are in a cave. They have no light and so are not visible. The one eye they share may be that glimmer (likely when Deino wears it) that some say can under certain conditions be observed by the naked eye.

Mephistopheles (in Faust II) says of them:

“Proud as I am, I must confess
I never saw such ugliness;
Worse than mandrake by gallows tree –
Will ever any sins arch-vile
Seem ugly in the slightest, while
This triple horror is on view?”

He says to them:

“But on the likes of you I never gazed.
I stand in silence, ravished and amazed.”

and later he takes on their likeness so that he can:

“… go and scare the devils down in hell.”*

Those who say that Deino rules astrology may want to reconsider. Do they really want astrology to be ruled by dread rather than reason?

Believe me, they have the most atrocious table manners, they drool all the time and all the antiscia are so frightened that they hide as best as they can. (this is one reason why antiscia are not found in modern charts.) Of course any sensible person doesn’t invite them to sit at their charts anyway. Uuggh! What slobber. Charts are so much cleaner without them.

Hieronymus Nostuabuk

*all Faust II quotes are from the Charles E. Passage translation of J.W. von Goethe’s, Faust.

2 thoughts on “Dr. Nostuabuk: on the Three Sisters

  1. Goodday, i want to know, the Orion and what we call the three sisters, also called the three kings, are we talking about the same thing. Then, i believe that Antaruis is the bottom star of the Southern cross, what are the names of the others? I’ve heard that Antaruis is much larger than earth

    • Hello François!
      Nice to hear from you. The “three sisters” is a playful comparison of the three outer planets, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto with the three Graeae of Greek mythology. Hence the warning that you might loose a few planets (most traditional astrologers try not to make a big deal of the outers).
      best regards

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