Th. D.

My name is Thomas Decker. I am deeply interested in comparative religion
and the traditional sciences associated with them.

This weblog comes to you out of Germany. It is written in English so that it is more accessible to an international audience. Although astrology is the major theme, other topics may be introduced as needed.

2 thoughts on “Th. D.

  1. Could you tell me, in regard to Terms what are the rules to set diurnal or nocturnal rulers. My understanding is that if my aries sign is below horizon I will set saturn as the ruler of the 15th to 21th degrees of aries. I am correct?

    • Hello François,
      If you are using the Chaldean terms then Saturn would be the term ruler for 15 – 21 Aries in a diurnal chart and Mercury would be the ruler in a nocturnal chart. If the Sun is in Aries below the horizon then your chart is nocturnal and Mercury would be the ruler. You might want to read my article on the terms where the two other systems are presented. There no difference is made between a diurnal or nocturnal chart. In the Ptolomaic system Mercury is the term ruler from 14 to 21 Aries, by day or night. In the Egyptian system Mercury is the term ruler from 12 to 20 Aries, by day or night

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