Dr. Nostuabuk: The Club Peregrinus

The Hellfire club founded sometime in the roaring 1700’s originally had twelve members. Later all sorts of people were said to have been affiliated. What is not known is that one of the entry requirements was to have a fallen planet, preferably Venus.

There is however an even more exclusive and little heard of club. Its members must have at least five peregrine planets. Yes, the Club Peregrinus. Its foremost, and also its founding member, Basil Odysseus, known to his friends as Od, is most remembered for the classical peregrine answer. When asked by a member of the Cyclops family, “Who are you?” he replied, “Oh, I’m nobody.” If the Cyclops had known better he would have said, “That’s Od.”

6 thoughts on “Dr. Nostuabuk: The Club Peregrinus

  1. Dear Dignified Dr.,

    Just a question, if I may:

    Would all those peregrine attendants in the charts of the club members have to be “angular” in order for them to be sent into Hellfire ?

    Most obliged.

  2. My dear Countess,

    You may have to have your lorgnette adjusted. The august company of the Club Peregrinus have nothing to do with those fallen fellows at the Hellfire Club. They can be as angular as they please. And if they should meet Circe they had better be prepared for a surprise!

    your Servant,
    H. Nostuabuk

  3. Oh, dear me !

    Were the angular peregrine attendants surprised while attempting to steal Circe’s silverware and fish, to deserve such a horrible, swinish punishment ?

  4. Dear Dr Nostuabuk

    I would like to apply for membership of the Club Peregrinus, but I am not sure I have enough peregrine planets to qualify.

    I only have 7 planets left, 3 of which are peregrine and 4 of which are in detriment and fall. Can you please clarify for me whether an essential debility by detriment or fall denies me the right of membership? Or do you consider a detrimented planet to be also a peregrine planet?


    PS What are the subscription fees?

  5. Dear CarO,
    I am so sorry, but you must have five peregrine planets. That is the rule. You may however may want to apply to Dame Detrimentia. She knows all of the clubs. I am quite sure she can recommend the perfect one for you.
    your Servant,
    Hieronymus Nostuabuk

  6. My Dear CarO

    It has been brought to my attention that your application for membership to the Club Peregrinus has been turned down.

    Did you reveal all the relevant facts on your application form? Because any planets that have become peregrine by secondary progression could be taken into account and considered in your favor!

    I believe the current rate of exchange is 2 peregrine secondary progressions equals 1 natal peregrine planet, unless of course you are applying for the Noel Tyl fee bursary, in which case the Club secretary would require 4 feral planets in lieu.

    Symbolically yours,
    Dame Detrimentia (from an advanced position)

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