The Lunar Mansion: As-Simak and the Letter Nun (1)

As-Simak, the 14th lunar mansion (17degrees 08 minutes Virgo to 0 degree Libra) is an expression of the sound “N” which is represented by the letter “Nun”. This lunar mansion is associated with the sphere of the Sun, the Divine Attribute, Light, and the prophet Enoch or Idris who is also said to be Hermes Trismegistos.


In the diagram the letter is shown superimposed on the glyph of the Sun which it resembles. The only difference is that in “Nun” the upper half of the circle is not visible. This is in accord with the nature of light. Light makes visible, is itself invisible. Here the true nature of the “occult” is shown. There is a veil before the Face of the Divine. Although ever-present, were we to look directly into the Face of God we would be unmade or looked at eschatologically remade. This is not unlike looking into the face of the Sun, the visible symbol of Light. The question is, how the veil is formed. Most think that it is God who places the veil between Himself and us. I would venture to say it is we who place the veil or the many veils between us and Him. It is we who erect the barrier of duality. It is said that Enoch walked with God and was seen no more (by men). This means he lifted all the veils between himself and God and so was remade.

The dot in the middle of “Nun” is the eye of the Intellect which is centred in the heart. The Intellect (not the modern intellect which is centred in the brain!) alone is able to penetrate the veil.

On a more mundane astrological level this lunar mansion shows how ideals are seen and find their fulfilment. And this in the “dual” world that is generally experienced. Here the veil is definitely in place. History provides us with more then enough examples of how high ideals may find their expression and often become, unfortunately, the opposite of what they profess.

Although I can’t go into detail in this posting I would like to present at least one set of charts where the lunar Mansion As-Simak is of interest to us. We’ll have to look at them individually.

The first is the chart of the French National Assembly (17 June 1789, 12:00 LMT -0:08:32, Versailles FR, 48N48, 2E08, ASC 27 Virgo11), which with the ideals of liberty, equality and fraternity was first seed of the French Revolution and the original impulse for other democratic revolutions in Europe.

The second chart is the public proclamation of the First Republic three years later (21 Sept 1792, 15:30 LMT -0:09:20 Paris FR 48N52, 2E20, ASC 25 Capricorn 33)

The third chart, also for France is that of Napolean’s taking power during the “Coup of 18th Brumaire” and therefore effectively coming into power. Here we have the ideal of the French Empire. (11 Nov 1799, 01:50 GMT 0:00 Paris FR 48N52, 2E20, ASC 22 Virgo 52)

The Data for the above three charts can be found in Nicholas Campions, The Book of World Horoscopes.

I would also like to draw your attention to the chart of Arthur Schopenhauer (22 February 1788, 18:35 LMT, Danzig (now Poland) 54N21, 18E40, ASC 17 Virgo 21). In the mean time you can brush up on Schopenhauer at

1 thought on “The Lunar Mansion: As-Simak and the Letter Nun (1)

  1. Many thanks Andrew in your last comment. You may recognize one part of your comment again!

    “…an obscuration or interval between two modalities of existence that emerge in resurrection or a new modality of existence”

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