riddle 15: answer

> Twice a year
> I knock at the door
> that leads
> to the light

This is the spring equinox, culminating in the summer solstice (longest day/shortest night)

> or to night.

The autumn equinox, “culminating” in the winter solstice (shortest day/longest night)

>Do I go out?
>Do I go in?
>Do I stand on the threshold
>with a grin?

The ingress into Aries or Libra is like standing at a threshold, balanced in light

> Well balanced
> am I,
> but not always
> on scale.

A reference to the autumn equinox in Libra

> I can only be
> at the right time
> and place –

> without fail.

The equinox can only occur at 0 Aries or 0 Libra and only then!
Please also refer to “Twiddle’s” answer!


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