Astrological Analogy: Lost Item (1)

Astrological imagery can sometimes be very concrete. I would like to present two charts that deal with lost objects. In this sort of horary there are particular rules that should be considered. The Significator can be wither the Ruler of the second house (misplaced moveable property), or the Ruler of the fourth house (“buried treasure”), or the natural ruler of the object (for example Mercury rules keys) or the Part of Fortune. That means there are four possibilities. Which does one choose? Usually the chart itself will show you. It is only a matter or recognising it!

Here is the first chart: Where are the keys?

My son had left his bicycle in town. A few days later he looked for the keys, but without any success. So I asked, “Where are my son’s keys?” Mercury, Lord 5 (children), is the Significator of my son. The Significator of the keys could be Mars (Lord 6), his property; the Sun (Lord 4), buried treasure; Mercury, natural ruler of keys; or the Part of Fortune. If we look at the chart we see that neither Mars nor the Sun seem to be emphasised, so we can discount them for the moment. Mercury however is emphasised. He is angular, directly inside the 7th house and conjunct Venus. He is also the dispositor of the Part of Fortune. If Mercury is the keys, what is Venus? Why are they in conjunction? Venus is Lady of the 12th house; prisons, anything that is under lock and key. The Part of Fortune is in the 12th house, a supporting clue. Venus is the lock. Mercury in conjunction with Venus. The key is in the lock, they are conjunct! And so it was.


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