riddle 15

Twice a year
I knock at the door
that leads
to the light

or to night.

Do I go out?
Do I go in?
Do I stand on the threshold
with a grin?

Well balanced
am I,
but not always
on scale.

I can only be
at the right time
and place –

without fail.

2 thoughts on “riddle 15

  1. Greetings,

    Sun on the Equinox, as in Solar Aries/Libra ingress…

    Spring Equinox leads to more light.
    Winter Equinox leads into the long night.

    Doors are Zero degrees Aries and Libra.

    Well balanced – equal day and night. Equal hours for dark and light.

    But although balanced, only one of them in Libra (scales).
    Aries is the other one.

    The exact time of solar ingress into Libra and Aries was considered “top secret” in the middle ages, because Astrologers believed this piece of information would give its owner the ability to predict and control mundane and worldly affairs. Too much power in the hands of a mere human.


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