riddle 14: answer

> I don’t change places
> that’s for sure.
> But my influence on
> the other is quite secure.

I am mutual reception.
Mutual reception does not mean that the planets “change places”, it means that each receives the other in one of it’s dignities or debilities.

> I know nothing
> of a split rejection,

This is just a wordplay with the opposite meanings.

> only the interaction
> of reciprocal reflection.

This is describing mutual reception

> I can’t be divorced.
> I can only move away.

Mutual reception is established as long as the two planets are each in that part of a sign where the other planet has dignity. The moment they move out of this region, reception ends.

> If you’ve met me,
> you’ll know what to say.

> Who or what am I?

One finds mutual reception often enough in charts! 🙂

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