Knotted Dragons and a Gryphon

I have written quite a bit now about the Dragons of the Nodes. Now I have an image for you with an added bonus of a gryphon! I recently visited the “Germanische Nationalmuseum” in Nürnberg There in their newly organized Middle Ages Exhibit they have the following wall-tile:


It comes from the abbey-church of St. Emmeran in Regensburg. It is dated to around the year 1180.

Note that both dragon’s have wings as well as the knotted heads and knotted tails. Note also the star/cross motivs on the upper and lower parts of the panel.

If you should ever visit Nürnberg; the “Germanische” is a must!

2 thoughts on “Knotted Dragons and a Gryphon

  1. A beautiful image. The symbolism of the wall-tile seems quite profound. The intertwined dragons suggest a lemniscate or an analemma as well as a vesica piscis or a mandorla, with the luminaries conjoined. The gryphon is clearly a reference to the dual nature of Christ; its composite nature expresses the miracle of his incarnation. This is quite lovely.

  2. Hello Andrew,
    Yes, I was very impressed with the tile when I first saw it!
    It leaves one to considering the symbolism of the combined nodes!
    Some of that has been done here.

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