riddle 14

I don’t change places
that’s for sure.
But my influence on
the other is quite secure.

I know nothing
of a split rejection,
only the interaction
of reciprocal reflection.

I can’t be divorced.
I can only move away.
If you’ve met me,
you’ll know what to say.

Who or what am I?

4 thoughts on “riddle 14

  1. Hi Thomas,

    Is it “Mutual Reception” ?

    (which won’t allow the planets to exchange places, but just be helpful or have mutual feelings for each other)


  2. hi Thomas,

    Let me try to unravel the clues.

    *I don’t change places
    *that’s for sure.

    2 Planets in mutual reception cannot be regraded as if the exchanged their signs or places, despite the fact that ancient astrologers called this condition “exchange of signs”.

    *But my influence on
    *the other is quite secure.

    When each of the 2 planets is in the other’s dignity, so they are both receiving each other, they have a good reason to be considerate of each other, just like 2 hostile kings visiting each other’s country. They can feel secure and protected, and even the hostility of a hard aspect (like opposition) between them is lessened.
    Each one is influenced by the other one receiving it.

    *I know nothing
    *of a split rejection,

    I’m not sure I understand “split rejection”. Is it like opposition or mutual reception by fall or detriment? Maybe you meant: split as opposed to mutual, and rejection as opposed to reception ? A wordplay maybe ?

    *only the interaction
    *of reciprocal reflection.

    Interaction = mutuality
    Reciprocal = Mutual
    Reflection = Mutual Reception

    *I can’t be divorced.
    *I can only move away.

    An opposition aspect with a positive mutual reception denies the “separation” or “divorce” ,or lessens the damage of a malefic.

    *If you’ve met me,
    *you’ll know what to say.

    Hrrrrmmm…I’m speechless… Maybe I still haven’t met you.


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