Astrological Analogy: Birth (2)


2. Will the child of an acquaintance be born naturally or through caesarean section, and when?

The significator of the child is Venus, the ruler of the 11th house.
(5 from 7). Venus has just changed into a Mars sign. A surgical operation has come into consideration and been arranged, for 3 weeks from the day of the question, should the child not be born beforehand. Venus is applying to conjunction to the Dragon’s head (3 degrees). As we have seen in previous discussion, the Nodes are that part of the ecliptic that the Moon cuts through or crosses through. The conjunction indicates an incisive incident. In this particular case it is the northern, more “benefic” Node. It is also the Node associated with birth. Had it been the Dragon’s Tail one might have worried about a stillbirth. The child was not born before the three weeks were over but came to the world through caesarean section.

Based on this we can formulate an understood astrological principle shown by this chart in the form of an aphorism:

“When the Significator in a horary chart applies to one of the Nodes then an incisive incident may be expected. With the Dragon’s Head, good; with the Dragon’s Tail, bad. If the Significator is separating from a Node than the incident has already occured.”

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