Dr. Nostuabuk: On Temperament

While travelling through Italy I chanced upon Galen’s Nursery on the Via Appia. I bought four of his best Temperaments. Mr. Galen said that with proper care and a bit of humour now and then they should thrive well.

He recommended planting the phlegm pulmonaria somewhere shady as it was cold and moist in nature. I planted it underneath the shade trees by the pond where it has formed the most wonderful ground-cover.

He said the choler capsicum was sensitive to frost and preferred it hot and dry, so I planted it along a sheltered wall on the south side of my house. I have been rewarded by it every year with bright red and not too sharp fruit.

Mr. Galen suggested that the bougainvillaea sanguinica be planted somewhere warm and moist. It has since taken over the green house with a riot of flowers and sometimes on a warm summer evening it seems to move to some hidden tropical breeze.

The rock garden proved to be the best place for the melancholic sempervivum which likes a cold and dry environment.

Whenever I find myself in a dystemper I go into my garden and visit my four Temperaments and feel ever so much better afterwards.


2 thoughts on “Dr. Nostuabuk: On Temperament

  1. Thank you, Herr Doctor. That was a beautiful piece. 🙂

    Would you happen to know whether Ibn Ezra used the word “climates” for “temperaments” or for something else ?

  2. Dear Sanguine,

    Herr Doktor returns the compliment.

    So as not to disturb his deep thinking too much 😉 I will venture to answer your question. It is not likely that “Climate” and “Temperament” were considered identical although it was thought that Climate might have an effect on the general Temperament of a whole folk. Perhaps it might be something to look into in more detail.

    best wishes,

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