Astrological Analogy: Birth (1)

I will present three horary charts that deal with the question,
“When will the baby be born?” Each one of the charts answers the question exactly and also shows the situation exactly, but they are not identical. Only the necessary planets will be shown.


1. When will the child of a friend be born?

The Significator of the friend is Jupiter, Lord of the 11th house. The Significator of the unborn child is the Moon, ruler of the 3rd house
(5 from 11). We see the following: 28 degrees Cancer is on the cusp of the third house. The Moon is in its house but in another sign. The Moon is in a cadent or falling house and will soon reach the cusp of the 4th house (beginnings and endings). The image of birth couldn’t be presented in a better form. The child has already turned in its mothers womb and is “sinking”. Its condition will soon change dramatically. Its time of floating in the watery condition (Cancer) will soon end. It will find itself in a more or less dry (Leo) world. That the child strives for this change is shown by the Moon already having changed sign. During its embryonal development the Moon was in its own house and sign. The Moon will reach the cusp of the 4th house in 5 degrees and form a sextile to Jupiter, the father, in 7 degrees. The child was born 7 days after the question was asked.


2 thoughts on “Astrological Analogy: Birth (1)

  1. Hello Thomas,

    May I ask:

    1. Why is there a glyph of Mars, in the chart, where there should be a Virgo glyph, marking Jupiter’s position ?

    2. Is it a night chart, so Jupiter (being in its detriment , but its own term) is at least in the Moon’s tripliciry while Moon is in Jupiter’s triplicity, putting them in mutual reception?

    Thanks. 🙂

  2. Dear Gylphy,
    Thank you for pointing this out! I am sorry, as it makes the chart misleading. It looked as if Jupiter could have been at 17 degrees Virgo.It has been corrected.

    It proves the adage, “Never trust a chart you haven’t drawn by hand.” 🙂

    After all the conversions to get the chart into an acceptable format the Libra glyph was replaced by Mars. I am still not able to get the incepted signs (Aries and Libra) to stay in the chart. The just disappear!

    The chart was a daytime chart.


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