Astrological Analogies

Any science, and the technologies that arise from it, can only be developed and applied when a particular attitude of mind sympathetic to it is present. Without this attitude, understanding and acceptance is not possible. Information Science and the attainments of computer technology, for example, are founded on the ability to express logic with two numbers: 0 and 1. Although we are not always conscious of it, Computer Science both shapes and is an expression of modern culture. It is system oriented, that is, it is dependant on conformity and in order to function on uniform processes. Digital Consciousness can have an autistic quality! The assembly line is a good image for it. High velocity is one of its advantages. Anonymity and egoism (I’m the number one amongst nothing but zeros) is its shadow side.

We can only comprehend and apply astrology when we develop a state of mind that is sympathetic to it. Otherwise it escapes our understanding. Astrology cannot be “proved” through the use of modern experimental techniques, for example any attempt to subject it to statistical analysis is doomed to failure. We must first understand its roots and learn its language.

Astrology has a pictorial language that is not derived from some dried up conserved images out of a curiosity cabinet but from the imagery of the human spirit. This language is exact but without exact boundaries. It is elastic, many-levelled and has many-faceted layers of significance. Those who wish to speak and understand this language must be supple in mind and spirit. There are general rules but these are not expressed in exact formulae. We can find our way best If we take it to heart that we are dealing with “essence”.

Many older authors, for example Cardanus, Bonatus or even William Lilly have collections of aphorisms in their works. These aphorisms can be understood in two ways. Either as an attempt to empirically prove a certain theory or, and there is a qualitative difference, to formulate an understood astrological analogy.

In the next sequels to this article I would like to present a few horary charts to demonstrate this.

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