The Dragon and the Tree of Knowledge (2)

If you recall the discussion in “The Solar Eclipse and New Moon” I said that “the pre-natal eclipse…can be considered to be ‘plugged into’ the cosmic condition of that time. This ‘plugging in’ is between the two potential states of growth and decay that the regular New Moon brings and the potential given by choice.” I would like to add here a comment that James Cutsinger makes in his book “Advice to the Serious Seeker” on the Fall. He says, “Fall suggests movement between two points, but in this case, the points are actually the result of the movement.” (p.50) This is a very good description of the qualities of the North and South Node.

In a sense the axis of the nodes marks in the chart the dried up stem of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. There is a legend that says that the cross of the Crucifixion was made of this tree. It is not without significance that at the Crucifixion the Sun was eclipsed, although this cannot be astronomically verified. Hidden in this axis, juxtaposed to it is also the Tree of Life. It is the Son of Man, the Redeemer. In the Carolingian period Christ on the Cross is usually shown crowned not with thorns but with the crown of a king. A crown of thorns. A crown of glory. Both potentials are marked by the nodes.

We can indeed say that the nodes offer a key to understanding potential in a natal chart. At my present understanding the axis they occupy contains a central theme of the life. Here are the eclipse points, where the very best but also the very worst may show itself. I would in the future like to focus on notable charts that can help to make this clear. This will be slower going, so the postings on this theme might have longer periods between them. There are still other aspects that need to be explored.

Dear reader, this is a very condensed description of how the nodes can be understood in the context of the biblical story. Much has been skipped for the sake of brevity. I will try to bring aspects of this in later posts.

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