riddle 9: answer

Here is the “official” answer:
As Marybeth and Herman so nicely describe, it is fall

>It’s not who I am
>but my condition
>that is here the theme.

A planet in fall is in the sign opposed to where it is exalted.
Exaltation and fall are conditions. Either of strength, or as here, weakness.

>Those that I welcome
>are not in my esteem.

The sign where a planet is in fall does not esteem it,
nor do any other planets that receive it in the sign of its fall.

>It is their weakness
>I savour.

The planet is weak.

>With me they meet no favour,
>for they have lost their Eden
>and cannot climb away.

Just as exaltation is a condition of enthuastic love,
fall is a condition of being loathed.

>What am I? Tell me. Say.



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