riddle 10

We are like fruit
without flesh.

Hollow-cheeked we stand,
as an archaic
bounding of a spring.

Those who meet us
find themselves on a stair
that cannot carry weight.

Who are we?

4 thoughts on “riddle 10

  1. Hello. I’ll try.
    A ditch is an obstacle, designed to slow down or break up an attacking force.In Mediaeval fortification, a ditch was often constructed in front of a defensive wall to hinder sapping and escalade.
    According to the archaic Bonatti, when Moon or Ascendant are on a pitted degree the querent is incapable of any action (as if bounded by ditches).

    I wonder, couldn’t he just “spring over” the ditch ? :-0

  2. Dear Twiddle!

    Your answer adds a further insight to the pitted degrees! 🙂
    Not what I expected, but very good!

    Unfortunately the stairway – the degree- collapses before the planet can spring over!

    There is an archaic word for pitted and this is “puteal”. This was the bounding of a well to prevent someone from falling in. In this context the planet trips over it and into the well.

    best wishes,

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