The Dragon and the Tree of Knowledge (1)

In the Zoroastrian Genesis a more macrocosmic image of the Fall is described. There all of creation, including mankind, is pierced by the Adversary. In the myth of Pandora the Fall is described indirectly. The dragon is also there. He is only hidden in the two brother Titans, Epimetheus and Prometheus. In Genesis we have one of the profoundest images of the Fall. Here the story of mankind unfolds.

In the story we are told that the serpent is the subtlest beast to have been created. He tells Eva that she shall not die if she eats of the fruit of the forbidden tree, but that she shall become as a god, knowing good and evil. Once Adam and Eva eat of the tree their eyes are opened and they are aware of being naked and clothe themselves.

Let us look at this part of the story in an astrological context. The serpent is the dragon. We have seen in our discussion that the dragon hungers ever after the light, and that during an eclipse he bites away the Sun, gathering cosmic intelligence into himself, swallowing it briefly. This is not unlike Adam and Eve biting the apple of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. The eating of the apple is accompanied by the greatest eclipse in the spiritual history of mankind. Man’s eyes are opened, he falls out of the celestial light that hitherto had surrounded and clothed him, and finds himself naked. Mankind has won responsibility for his actions. He is like unto God, but not God and so capable of error. With error all the woe, misfortune and misery that besets him can arise. We see this in the story of Abel and Cain that follows only a little later. The potential for growth but also decay and death is given. The seeds that mankind plants, in all senses of the word, must be nurtured and husbanded, he must work by the sweat of his brow.

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